Run Report #1927 26/05/2010

The ‘Slim Cock,’ Run

Cock Radio & Virginia Slim

Gambas Crescent, Sembawang

The Run

A brand new run site all to ourselves in the wide-open spaces of Sembawang. These 2 Hares are geniuses, I tell you.

Out onto the connector path along Sungei Sembawang, enjoying the mangroves and bird life. A T check outside Cock Radio’s mansion had Wet Patch cursing and swearing, as he was left high and dry the other side of the road while Tiger Lily actually found trail back across the paddock to within a bee’s dick of the Beer Wagon.

Winding in and out of a patch of forest, the pack emerged onto the new road, once more within a bee’s dick of the Beer Wagon, prompting Stiffy to accuse the Hares of setting the run on a postage stamp. Half the pack hen followed trail along the grass, while the other half chose the footpath.

All roads led to Rome however, or in this case to the forest land next to Gambas Avenue the other side of Sembawang Ave. The Hares continued to excel with their innovative trails winding through the bush.

A small stream crossing via 2 small branches proved not a problem, that is until Lethal Weapon, our Haberdash, broke them, plunging her into deep water and allowing dampness to infiltrate her Hash Box. Sensing that too much water would not be of benefit to the goodies inside Lethal Weapons Hash Box, Wet Patch jumped in after her and guided her to higher ground.

The run continued to wind around and in and out of the bush land, eventually doing a big loop to emerge onto Gambas Avenue for the hit out to home. But not before a final T check back into the jungle had the front runners finding trail that had trees that looked remarkably similar to the trees encountered earlier on. Yes, they were the same trees you twits, you went back onto the out trail and were going to go around again!

So back out onto Gambas and a direct path back this time to the Beer Wagon in about an hour.

With a spectacular light show in the sky, complete with a full moon peeking between some towering cumulus nimbus clouds, (all provided free of charge by the thoughtful Hares), The Circle got under way promptly with lots of gusto. Shoe Shopper said we should keep things moving in case one of those cumulus nimbus clouds lost control and pissed down on us. I think she had other motives for a quick circle, I suspect the fact that Wet Patch was flying out later that night may have been one of them.

Crikey, what did we think of that for a run? ‘Brilliant’ said the Hares, run of the year. Other members used even more glowing adjectives and descriptors, but I will not include them here as I don’t wish to appear biased.

Stiffy’s Hash Maths. Toy Boy said 5kms, Maggot was not there to verify, but 5 sounds ok to me.

Tell us about your on on mate. S111 was the call from Cock Radio, a la carte. Actually it was S21, (Ok, I’m not good on large numbers!)Yishun Live Seafood, on Sembawang Rd and Forced Entry ordered for the 12 of us at $10 a head and the food was excellent. This is definitely a Hash Eating House, next run up this way try and get to the On On, the food was tops.

Well what about next week? Black Member and Wet Thong, (whose absence tonight, along with Right Royal Tit, could be, I suspect, be explained by a telecast of the State of Origin Rugby grudge game on Aussie network), Pasir Potong. Stay tuned for more details. (BTW, Queensland defeated NSW, again)

Virgins: – Valerie came in, to the tune of none other than ‘Valderie, Valderha, Valderie, Valder – ha ha ha ha ha ha….’ to own up as a Virgin, in town visiting Singaporn. A short stay with Singaporn and she is no longer a virgin!

The Circle was then delayed while Valerie sipped on her down down beer for 5 minutes.

Visitors, returnees and other misfits:, there were a few but I forgot to write them down. I recall Woodbridge was a returnee.

New Member – nope

Lippy – Ad Nauseum and Hooray were the naughty boys.

The Tits – Comes Quietly has managed to get his hands on Twin Towers Tits, and quickly awards them to Virginia Slim for providing the drink stop that wasn’t.

The Dick – The GM announces that she can see the Dick in her midst. I think that is somewhere around the midriff, which is an unusual place to have a Dick.

Stiffener has the Dick and tells how the St George’s Day shirts were very popular with everyone, except Virginia Slim and Forced Entry. Slim was lamenting tales of woe last week, saying how he was being denied sex because he came home without one of the treasured shirts for Forced Entry. Desperately he asked if Stiffener could help him out of his predicament. Was Stiffener going to provide him with sex???? No, Stiffener reserved a revered St George’s Day shirt for Forced Entry, thus relieving Slim and obviously meaning that Forced Entry was going to get the Dick tonight. So Slim can force an entry tonight and Forced Entry goes home with the Dick.

Awards – Not Tonight and Stiffy have come together 600 times on a Wednesday. Well done.


· Cock Radio charges Stiffener for her prepared speech that she read out like a member of the Royal Family. Give Queen Elizabeth a note.

· Not Tonight calls Father Anus as a look alike for Slowcum (or was it the other way around?) Anyway, heroic deeds were performed in saving the crown jewels when one of the girls found herself up to her funny in water.

· Tiger Lily journeyed to the run sitting with Lethal Weapon in the back seat, where the discussion turned to bras. Tiger was a bit short on for a sports bra and Lethal told her that she had a spare one but it would be too big for Tiger! Was that an illusion of grandeur or what? Cock Radio offered to come in and measure the 2 girls up for size.

· Cock Radio believes that someone has already measured Lethal Weapon up for size – she had a muddy hand print across her left boob. Looked about Tiger Lily’s hand size!!

· Slim announces the 30th Anniversary run for Seletar. He wants people to sign up early. Paper registrations are available for the physically and mentally deficient people that can’t go on line.

· And on that note, Shopper drags Wet Patch into the car and speeds off home for a quick game of Scrabble.

· Accommodation wanted. Goody Bag is looking for an apartment to share, close to the city. If you know of anyone looking for a housemate, contact Goody Bag 97376603

(Is Sembawang close enough to the city Goody Bag? –CR)

On on on to S21

Scribed by Cock Radio.

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  1. Sneaky Comer says:

    This is the first run in ages that the scribe knows in detail (if only because he laid it). His usual practice is to run in some other direction and then make the run report up later :-) . Nice and accurate this time, CR, well done.

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