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Committee 2010/2011

Grand Mistress
  Shoe Shopper
Kaye Daly 9009-7899
Grand Mistress
Posh Nash Jennifer Dale
Grand Mistress
(Hash Brew)
  Stiffener Fiona Smith  
On Sec Wet 'n Wild Chris Newling 9725-2341
Asst On Sec   Wet Brazilian Lorena Ferreira
Hash Cash   Wet Pet Peta Coates  
Asst Hash Cash  
Caroline Andrault
Hash Haberdash   Lethal Weapon
Sarah Bailey
Committee Member Louise Donaldson Too Easy
Louise Donaldson 9231-3474
Committee Member
  Big Head
Krisy Chissom  

Committee 2010

Your committee 2010 (left to right): Shoe Shopper, Singaporn, Lethal Weapon, Too Easy, Wet N Wild, Stiffener, Posh Nash, Wet Brazilian, Big Head (absent Wet Pet)

Previous Committees

We have almost completed collating all the Harriets committees since foundation. They are listed in our wiki, if you are knowledgable about our history please go in and check: