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Committee 2014/2015

Grand Mistress
Jackie Rigby
Grand Mistress
Comes First Jakki Harrison
Grand Mistress
(Hash Brew)
Suzee Wong Jennie Lim
On Sec Not Tonight Jo Hobman
Asst On Sec Jackoff Jackie Rigby
Hash Cash Goes Down Easy Kara Musselman
Asst Hash Cash Kan the Kobra
Shah Hafsa Bte Idris
Hash Haberdash Sweet Thighs
Gabrielle Hyde
Committee Member Sybil
Kamela Chellam
Committee Member
The Boxer
Lenie Quinova

Previous Committees

We have almost completed collating all the Harriets committees since foundation. They are listed in our wiki, if you are knowledgable about our history please go in and check: