Run Report #2132 09/04/2014

The GM Again Run

Hares: Jackoff and Slocum

Run Site: Heavy Vehicle Carpark Jurong Road and Bukit Batok Road

On On: The Greasy Spoon.

The Circle:


Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Good run even though some were diverted by the army.


Tell us about your On On: Next door.


Next Week’s Run (was): A return to Lorong Sesuai by Shoe Shopper and Wet Patch.


Guests: Foot Fetish, Bugle Boy, Peanut Butter Time, Naila, Cumpuss, Ditch, Trash, Phoney Dick and Dragon Breath.


Returnees: Quicksand – in camouflage, where is she? Is she in the army? Did she get a heads up about the run?


Virgins: Kristin & Austin.


Lipstick: Bugle Boy, Hooray, Gypsy, Stiffy, Dickhead (Just Christian).


Tits: on vacation in New Zealand? [Lost Marbles].


Dick: absent [Penile Extension].


Banana Protector: Father Anus, not here.



  • Loose Change for 900 runs!!! ‘Get a life’, lovely chain!
  • Zipp – 700 runs – necklace
  • Gypsy – 100 runs, photo frame
  • Fat Crashing Bastard – 100 runs, tankard



  • Sweet Thighs was trying to keep clean but Kannot Kan came up & splashed her! Mean!
  • Bugle Boy on the phone with In & Out who is going to San Francisco to start sailing on a 70 foot yacht race around the world. Last week they lost a person & 3.1415% of In & Out couldn’t read most of Wet Brazillians writing here so all the best In & Out and we’ll see you when you get back.
  • Dragon Breath charged Sweet Thighs for front running by whizzing off down the out trail (she wanted to do the run 2 times I think) But Dragon Breath called her back to the in trail thanks said a most grateful Sweet Thighs!!
  • Slocum – called Jackoff in to congratulate her for putting up with him for 11 years.
  • Too Easy also called in for thinking it was their 10 anniversary shame on you Too Easy for not knowing when the Rigby’s wedding anniversary was!!
  • Fat Crashing Bastard called Slocum in for knowing how to treat his wife on their anniversary by taking her to the Greasy Spoon for dinner. This makes it easier for other husbands to follow!!
  • Dragon Breath =called in Wet Brazilian in for overtaking her & Wet & Wild who were front running just at the very end so she could say she finished first = give the competitive one a note!
  • Mothers Tongue charged Slocum for bad job & Jackoff for a good job
  • Just Christian called Hooray in for beating him! Wow!
  • Jackoff called in Just Christian for being so f###ing colour coordinated
  • Just Christian was called in too for something (couldn’t read it sort out your writing will you WB!!)
  • Stiffy tells about Wet Brazilian being on the MRT and a women gave her seat because of her white hair! Sweet Things has been charged so many times for being fashionable and brought Just Christian & Quicksand in for being fashionistas
  • Just Christian called in for naming & is now Frisky Whiskey
  • Dragon Breath called in Sweet Thighs for painting on her eyebrows when getting changed. Apparently painted eyebrows make you go faster just like Frisky Whiskey!
  • Slocum brought Kan the Kobra, Forced Enrty, Not tonight, Zipp &b Dances with Kerb for being the taxi gang and getting a taxi home from the run
  • Foot Fettish asked why it is that Frisky Whickey is getting called in and being fondled but Phoney Dick isn’t? Wet N Wild explained that’s how the Harriet’s measure for t shirt size
  • All Harriets who felt Frisky Whiskeys chest given a down down Zipp, Sweet Thighs, Kara & Wet N Wild
  • Kamala brought Frisky Whiskey in and said he needs to bring brandy to the next run so he can be called Randy Brandy!!


On on to the On On.

Scribed by Wet Brazilian, notes transcribed by Wet ‘n Wild

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