Run Report #2138 21/5/2014

Hares: Wet Brazilian

Run Site: Mount Sinai Rise

On On: E-Sarn


The Run: No.2138 and I quote:

“Too short, ball breaker, run of the year, a runners run, virgin jungle (Did I mishear? – her husband did the virgin?!) At 8.5 k, even my short run was long. Thanks Wet Brazilian and mystery man.


The Circle:


Guests: 5 girls: 3 guys – Dragon Breath again & also good to see Cumpus & the return of my ‘Hash God daughter’, Suckswallow.

Butt Wiper, Foot Fetish, Bugle Boy & family of 14 Penguins with daughter Coke Head.


Stiffner & Stiff (who were so special they received 2 down downs as both visitors and returnees)


Virgins: none – so were they with Wet Brazilian’s husband? (I’m lost)


Lipstick: Butt Wiper, Comes Quietly, Kannot Kan, Stiffy (for biking) Hooray (for starting before the ladies) (and the others for coming before the ladies)


Tits: Comes Quietly (entered the circle wiping his sweaty brow between the tits ) and awarded them to the hare Wet Brazilian for calling “looking” when she was trying to find the trail set by her husband!


Dick: Forced Entry? not here.


Banana Protector:
Father Anus, not here.


Awards – nope.



Sneaky Comer had a sense of direction charge for
Too Easy & Wet Brazilian
when they arrived at the long/short split at 7:20. Kannot Kan tried to add on to this charge, but the poor boy hardly spat out one word before Sybil says, “Come to the point!” (Pot calling the kettle black?) Apparently, KK was doing the run in reverse so he was desperately signing clues to Too Easy (she thought that he was either ‘illogical’ or flashing at her).


Bugle Boy brought his daughter, Coke Head to the hash to prove to us that she wasn’t pregnant by forcing her to be a front runner – then he proceeded to tell us about 14 Penguins and Coke Head sitting on a plane to Bali with a catholic nun (perhaps it was only 13 penguins and 1 catholic nun?) Mother’s Tongue approved of this joke so bring your daughter again.

Butt Wiper charged Ayam Kampong for going to the Seletar Hash without a dick.

Tiger Lily asked, “What do Goes Down Easy, Lost Marbles, Butt Wiper and F—— Easy have in common?” They were all useless at First Aid when Goes Down Easy lived up to her name again by falling on her elbow.




The Jakarta Hash Challenge (Google it) NOT in Jakarta but will be on 30th August. Sign up for best price before 30th June.


Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriets 40th Anniversary Ball on 13th June and Anniversary Run on 18th June. Registration forms were mailed to all members last week and are also available on the Singapore Harriets facebook page.


On on to the On On.


Not Tonight

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