Run Report #2135 30/4/2014

The Goes Down on a Foot Fetish Run.

Hares: Goes Down Easy and Foot Fetish.

Run Site: 80 Chay Yan St, 160080. Outdoor Carpark.

On On: on site by local Chinese.

The Run: It was good to see Boo arrive, as many of the old timers looked around nervously at the run site – we could forsee a Police visit given the enclosed nature of the site.

The run went out the front entrance and back in the back entrance. Between that it is a bit hard to be sure, the run covered a lot of new territory and not much of it was familiar. In addition, “someone” had monkeyed with the run, putting arrow heads on both ends of arrow marks, putting T-checks where there wasn’t supposed to be one, and mucking with circles. I think we went over Outram Hill and Pearl’s Hill, we certainly circumnavigated the Pinacle @ Duxton, and we went through a lovely shophouse area which may have been Blair Lane. We definitely ran through the old marshalling yards from the KTM railway station (quick, run through it before they put a condo and a shopping centre there), then along the start of the green corridor back to Bukit Merah before heading back home. Nice run.


The Circle: Goes Down Easy, who also accepted subs and fees earlier, is the stand in GM (again). And oh my, that’s what I call a pair of F#*k Me Shoes. A special award for bravery for wearing them on the car park surface, which might explain why GDE was so keen to move the circle to the centre of the car park.



Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Back to front arrows, too short. Good run.


Tell us about your On On: On site Chinese food, free beer if you stay.


Next Week’s Run: AGM run by Comes Quietly, top of Jalan Gaharu (near Mayfair Park). (Comes Quietly was checking out the free beer as his name was called).


Guests: Alan, King Leer, Golden Shower, Dimples, IPood, Zaineb, Foot Fetish.


Returnees: nope.


Virgins: nope.


Lipstick: Ipood, Hooray, Foot Fetish.


Tits: absent [Cock Radio].


Dick: in a bag with Sweet Thighs, who is handing them on for Ditch. Had been planning to give them to the GM, which was made more easy as she went to her car and Goes Down Easy told her “oh, I need that Dick so badly”. Goes Down Easy complains that she has too many jobs tonight – collecting money, haring, and being the GM. So Goes Down Easy calls Forced Entry into the circle to join her for a drink – for giving her all these jobs.


Banana Protector: Father Anus, not here.


Awards – nope.



  • Not Tonight calls for a Stiffy. When the Dick was announced, Stiffy started panicking. “Where did you put the Dick”, he asked Not Tonight? “No dear”, she replied, “you have the Prick, that is from Friday, a completely different hash”.
  • Foot Fetish was upset that “someone” messed with the hash, putting arrowheads on both ends of the arrows, drawing T’s in the wrong place, etc. It must have been a hasher. So after the run, a few people “incriminated” themselves by drawing remarkably similar markings in the carpark – on in Comes Quietly, Ayam Kampong, and Hooray.
  • Stiffy has the hares in the circle – what markings were they using anyway? Since when does a hash mark have a “W” next to it, and what does “W” mean? Women’s? Wednesday’s?
  • Not Tonight is very happy to see Comes First back at the hash, and she asked her what had kept her away? A greyhound, was the answer. Was it a female greyhound?
  • Wet ‘n Wild points out that Goes Down Easy is in lovely F%^k Me Shoes. So lovely, she resembles a lady of the night. So as Wet ‘n Wild was running along, GDE “lured” her to a short cut, causing her to miss the long/short split and be lured to a long run.
  • Stiffy weighs in on the theme, asking Goes Down Easy if she had anything to do with the bakery down the road? Why? Because it “specializes in tarts”.
  • Comes Quietly reminds the GM it was Hooray’s birthday on Monday.
  • Foot Fetish points out that Alan has no hash name. Alan was very “Tarzan-esque” in crossing the canal to the KTM yard, which prompted some attempted Monkey boy naming (eg Urban Monkey), but a decision was deferred.
  • Golden Shower asks Wet ‘n Wild how her eyesight is? Pretty good, she says. So you must have run into a blonde spot during the run as you lost direction then?
  • Stiffy asks why the scribe, who has modern technology on hand, and works for a large software company, has to resort to pen and paper to take the notes? On in Sneaky Comer.
  • Goes Down Easy noticed Sneaky Comer, as a fat bastard, struggling to get through the hole in the fence at the KTM yard.
  • Foot Fetish, on the other hand, noticed Sweet Thighs going through the same hole standing up – here’s to the petite one.


On on to the On On.

Scribed by Sneaky Comer

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