Run Report #2141 11/6/2014

Hares: Bugle Boy

Run Site: Mackenzie Rd

On On: Colonial Bistro Cafe


We skirted the Istana (no permit was obtained for running inside but the glimses we got thru the gates were tantalizing), we did Orchard Rd and Little India – and we said, “Very cultural, too many Indians, absolutely fantastic, some of you women are fast, more checks, not so well marked (Hooray can’t see pink chalk),

Sybil said, “A great runners run and I covered almost all of it.”

Great run and much longer than Friday’s – that’s what we girls like!


Ditch, Miscarriage and James


Returnees: None


Virgins: Yong (James’ twin)


Lipstick: Comes Quietly, Hooray, Slocum, FCB and Stiffy. The only truly deserving cases were James, Yong and Miscarriage


Tits: We had to wait a few weeks for these whilst they moved house with Wet Brazilian – They were awarded to ‘girly’ wanabe hare, Bugle Boy for marking the trail with pink chalk and Hello Kitty toilet paper bows tied around trees.


Dick: Forced Entry? Anyone know where she has gone for such a long time with the Dick?


Banana Protector:
Father Anus, not here.


Awards – nope.



Sweet Thighs charged Tiger Lily for relying on a virgin to find the trail! The Singaporean virgin Yong (on in James as look-a-like) was charged with calling the Grand Mistress, “Auntie” when he did not know what to do at a check… boys it is not polite to call us Harriets “Auntie”… you must shout, “I need a woman.” Our Ozzie visitor, Miscarriage charged the hare for his disappointed at having been given a tour of the Red Light District without knowing where he was and seeing nothing. Whilst James said he had seen more of Singapore tonight than in his entire life!



Bugle boy called for a moment of silence for 14 penguins – will anyone take this guy seriously? His wife obviously stopped listening some time ago. Other husbands showed their love for their spouses – FCB met Too Easy’s – exwho is still celebrating after many years!” Slocum charged Jackoff for “chatting up the young visitors” whilst the circle yelled that she was simply doing her job as Grand Mistress! Comes Quietly was extra quiet on this run thanks to drinking Cambodia dry last week. Sorry Kannot Kan & Wet Brazillian – I ran out of paper – just get there to hear the banter for yourself next week.


Thanks to Boxer for singing Happy Birthday to Not Tonight who missed the cake last week because Stiffy (as speculated) was being romantic!


On on to the On On.

Scribed by Not Tonight

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