Run Report #2142 18/6/2014

Hares: Comes First

Run Site: Stagmont Ring

On On: Coffe Shop opposite CP


The Run:

“A lotta running” “Simple, straightforward like the hare” “What a fantastic walk in the sunshine” “Good trail”


14 Penguins,
Ditch and Bugle Boy


Returnees: None


Virgins: Did we scare off the twins?


Lipstick: On in ALL the ladyboys – Ditch,
Comes Quietly, Gypsy, F*#Easy, Hooray, Bugle Boy and Slocum


Tits: Dick:

Would you believe that our esteemed committee member Goes Down Easy could forget BOTH the Tits and the Dick?! Shameful! So can we trust her to look after the Harriet’s cash? In her defence, she does have to hide the Tits from the kids and F*#Easy.


Banana Protector:
Father Anus, see you both in August?


Awards – nope.



  • Sybil charged by The Boxer for
    asking Croc Hunter for ice to put down her knickers to cool herself – well that’s what the pantomime looked like to the observer. We all sang ‘Hands, fingers, knees and toes’ so perhaps the ice was needed for more orthopaedic reasons?


  • Ditch charged a dedicated a hasher for taking her running gear to a Beerfest???? What’s unusual about that?


  • Bugle Boy was interested to know what the GM had inscribed in lipstick on his head “An upside down pretzel” said Goes Down Easy authoritatively. Ladies – is there a correct way up for a pretzel? You live and learn.


  • Bugle Boy disclosed information about Sweet Thighs’ sex life which I will not disclose here. However Bugle Boy did divulge
    to Not Tonight that 14 Penguins “had him in a very relaxed state tonight.”


  • Forced Entry asked the hare, why she chose the run site? It’s on my way to work replied Comes First.


  • Sybil asked Slocum “Why are you cycling up and down the track?” – “looking for dark girls of course!” Dark girls in the ring tra la la la lah!


  • Zip was amazed at how many ‘Captains of Industry’ there are in the circle and called in ‘False Entry’ who is famous on TV


  • F*#Easy is needed at Bugle Boys house on Sunday mornings to make breakfast so that 14 Penguins can stay in bed


  • More marital disord was revealed – apparently every time Melanie tries to talk to Gypsy – he says “Zip”


  • Zip reminisced about what a famous run site was Stagmont Ring with acres of beautiful jungle (yes, the building sites opposite). She was out doing a recce with Sybil
    (both directionally challenged) and got lost – barely making it back for Dancers with Kerbs’ wedding (not sure if she was on the recce too?) And that is how Stag Mount ring got it’s name!


HARES NEEDED for 9th July

On on to the On On.

Scribed by Not Tonight

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