Run Report #2136 07/05/2014

The: Bring Back the Old Committee (AGM) Run.

Hares: Comes Quietly. Drink stop by Committee.

Run Site: Top of Jalan Gaharu, near Mayfair Park.

On On: Southaven II by Mr Hoe.National Parks

The Run: A male setting the women’s AGM Run? Was Comes Quietly making a last minute bid for Harriet’s Hero? Then a massive downpour – was this his attempt at Wettest Run? And sending runners into the middle of the field at Old Holland Rd – was this an Irish last minute attempt for longest run? And vodka and cranberry on the old railway line near Mayfair Park – best drink stop? Then back to his condo for the AGM – a last ditched effort for best on on? Comes Quietly could scoop the pool of awards tonight. Oh yes, he did provide a swimming pool for the Associate Members. In fact 2 pools.

Along the edge of the PIE and past the infamous coral snake tunnel. Much sliding on the long slippery grass, Goes Down Easy was being imitated by a number of runners as they descended bum first onto Jalan Chantek. A devious Circle Check in the jungle saw everyone back out onto Jln Chantek (possibly because the Hare couldn’t bush bash through to the coral snake stream).

A treacherous green slime concrete descent got the brave or foolhardy runners into the Durian trail. Others opted for the safer road route. Yours truly, Stiff and Ayam Kampong thought they had cleverly broken a Check, only to find themselves running trail in reverse and colliding head on with the FRB’s . Bugger.

Across Chantek, squeezing past the wire fence. The Hare then doubled backed on his trail sort of, and headed towards the Swiss and British Club instead of the greenery of Bukit Timah. Checking out the Red Lantern, the Hare remembered how the Irish set a marathon from the end of Rifle Range Rd once by putting a Circle in the middle of the Old Holland Rd Field. Well, we hadn’t come from quite the end of Rifle Range, so the Hare decided on a Half Marathon instead. It was a long trot back along the old railway line to the drink stop near Mayfair Park.

65 minutes for the FRB’s. +++ for the rest. Walkers got there very quickly.


The Circle: The GM, who is seeing shooting stars, calls the circle to order.


Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Too short, too wet, far canal. Good run.


Tell us about your On On: After a short circle we will proceed to Hinhede Walk, Southaven II, for the AGM and dinner.


Next Week’s Run: Top of Pepys Road, by Stiffy.


Guests: yes, but no list – welcome everyone.


Returnees: nope.


Virgins: nope.


Lipstick: no list, I recall Hooray, Cock Radio, and Slocum for getting to the drinks stop first?


Tits: Cock Radio points out that while a pool has been provided for Associate members for this AGM run; it was not before the committee coopted an Associate member to set the run, arrange a venue for the AGM, ask the Associate members to cook dinner, and enquire as to whether the AGM might best be accompanied by Comes Quietly’s wine collection. The GM gets the tits for AGM arrangements.


Dick: still with Forced Entry.


Banana Protector: Father Anus, not here.


Annual Run Awards:


Best Run Forced Entry, Boxer, and Penile Extension Lower Seletar Reservoir Run 2100, September 4th 2013
Longest Run Wet Brazilian and Posh Nash Mt Sinai Rise Run 2112, November 20th 2013
Shortest Run Zipp and Gypsy Jalan Lam Sam Run 2092, July 10th 2013
Wettest Run Cock Radio and Sneaky Comer Cheval, Turf Club Run 2108, 40th Anniversary Run, October 26th 2013
Most Creative Run Goes Down Easy and F%^kin’ Easy Lower Pierce Reservoir Run 2097, August 14th 2013
Best Drink Stop Too Easy and Fat Crashing Bastard Lorong Sesuai Run 2093, July 17th 2013
Best On On Stiffy and Not Tonight Pepys Rd (on on at 99 South Buona Vista Kitchen) Run 2013, November 27th 2013
Harriets Hero Gypsy    




  • Not Tonight points out that the Associate members do so much for the club, some of them could be compared with Michelangelo’s David. Unfortunately, David has a rather small member. So all the small members are called in.


Sorry, with all the festivities there isn’t much of a record of the AOB charges. Apologies to all who were missed.

On on to the On On.

Scribed by Cock Radio and Sneaky Comer

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