Run Report #2143 25/06/2014

Hares: Wet n Wild & Sneaky Cummer

Run Site: Bt Brown Cemetery

On On: Red Lantern


The Run:

Despite of many areas being cordoned off for exhumation, the hares were able to lay the trail at the cemetery without letting the runners feel that the exhumation is going on. Creative run and most of all a Tequila and Gin jello stop (not a drink stop, but a having to suck the jello out of the small recycled containers. “The great sucking stop” was yelled out). The men did a better at that than the ladies:-(……Great run!


Guests: Snow Blower, Betty Boop, Bugle Boy, 14 Penguins, Dragon Breath, Bud Wiper.


Returnees: Nope


Virgins: Nope


Lipstick: Butt Wiper, Snow Blower, Hooray, Gypsy, F*#king Easy, Bugle Boy, Cums Quietly, Fat Crashing Bastard, Posh Duck.


Tits: Goes Down Easy has them. Down Down to her.


Dick: Goes Down Easy has it too. Another round of down down.


Banana Protector:
Father Anus, not here. Come back soon!!!


Awards – nope.



Sneaky Cummer on F*#king Easy who has lived in SG long enough and should know that sub division of the cemetery does not mean that condos and housing will be built on it right away. It takes year….. (maybe 20 years) before any redevelopment can take place…He’s alright, he’s alright, he’s a little bit ??? but he’s alright!


Zip commented that she was sad to come to the run site and see the cemetery is undergoing exhumation for redevelopment. However, she said that it was a great run and that the jello stop was spectacular. She had no idea that the jello came in 2 colors until Sybil told to try the other color. The hare said that she recycled the container, Zip was about to comment that it was a brilliant idea and Ayam Kampong very quickly broke the lid and used it as a scoop as she could not suck out the content…She ought to be publicly pissed on….


Dragon Breath called in Croc Hunter and Jackoff. Jackoff was to translate to Croc Hunter that the way she ate her drink was very exquisite at the jello stop. Apparently she liked to suck slowly. However, CH would use a spoon to eat his drink, being defined and all…Here’s to them, they’re true blue…


Stiffy charging Jackoff for what she actually said when everyone was struggling with the jelly she said she did this to Slocum every night but she could not explain how she did it…She’s alright!


Jackoff on Dragon Breath that she is a woman too when “I need a woman” is called. She said she was not fast enough and that Butt Wiper would get upset with her. ButtWiper was called in and was told to deal with it no matter how slow the woman is in front of him. He was given a double lipstick and a down down of course.


Sweet Thighs on Goes Down Easy for forgetting the tits, the prick and for the umpteen times, she had forgotten her running shoes. Lucky for her, Croc Hunter had a supply of running shoes for her….She ought to be publicly pissed on…


Sybil on F*#king Easy lost in translation


Dragon Breath on Butt Wiper for claiming that he was very good with his tongue when he stuck his tongue in the jelly. Question was, when was he ever good with his tongue? He’s the meanest…..


Butt Wiper on Goes Down Easy that hashers run no matter what the weather. Goes Down Easy and BW and a few were training for the Hash Challenge at MaRitchie on last Sunday morning. It started to pour. GDE asked if they were going to run in the rain and decided that she was not to run…..She is the meanest….


Bugle Boy…what will we do without him? Called in the hares. BB overheard a conversation between them. The conversation went like this.

WW: Honey, would you see another woman if I were to die?

SC: Possibly

WW: Honey, would you sleep with another woman if I were to die?

SC: Maybe

WW: Honey, would you marry another person if I were to die?

SC: Perhaps

WW: Honey, if you were to marry some body, would you sleep in the same bed that we sleep in?

SC: Maybe

WW: Honey, If I were to die, would you play golf with another woman?

SC: I think so

WW: If so, would you let her use my golf clubs?

SC: No!

WW: Why not?

SC: Because she is left handed!!!!!!!! Oh Oooooooo


On on to the Red Lantern

Scribed by Jackoff (with the help of Fat Crashing Bastard recording the circle)

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