Run Report #2137 14/5/2014

Hares: Stiffy & Not Tonight

Run Site: Pepys Rd

On On: 99 Kitchen, s. Buona Vista

The Run: No.2137 and I quote:

Mother’s Tongue, “Brilliant! It was soft, it was long, it was uphill, it was downhill, it was nature all the way.” Dancers with Kerbs, “Nice, we could short cut but the marking was a bit sparse.” (Stiffy said he was being environmental – but Comes Quietly was suspicious – whilst others said, “let’s have a whip round for Stiffy to buy him some chalk”) Foot Fetish said, “Good green run, better than Coo Chi Coos!”

“Great drink stop” which is to be Loose Changes last before she leaves Singapore at the end of the month– vodka cranberry special – Two bottles of vodka to one cranberry got us waxing lyrical about Tembusu trees flowering & a full moon over the circle


The Circle:


Guests: 5 guys and Dragon Breath, Suck-a-Pussy, Foot Fetish, Dead Fish, Bugle Boy, Butt Wiper


Slippery Bum returning to her favourite run site


Virgins: none


Lipstick: Bugle Boy, Foot Fetish, Butt Wipe, Wimber, Hooray


Tits: Jackoff awarded the tits to Comes ‘Alone’ Quietly for …. then he has the audacity to have phone sex IN THE CIRCLE!


Dick: Forced Entry ? not here.


Banana Protector:
Father Anus, not here.


Awards – nope.



Tiger Lily called in Comes Quietly and Butt Wiper to tell them about a Japanese TV programme called “Shiri-nugui” (translated as bum wiping!… a must see if you go to Japan) This is just what she had to do when she found their toilet paper after their run in the green corridor – so she cleared up after them … “Shiggynewgee” “Shiggynewgee” we shouted.

Bugle Boy charged Mother’s Tongue for picking him up with Tight Bastard as they walked to the run site and driving the poor innocent lads out into the countryside where they met an orange dog …. Oh no it’s one of Bugle Boys stories again.

Foot Fetish tells a story about Bugle Boy’s pregnant daughter – I didn’t know he had a grown-up daughter?!



Dragon Breath charged the experienced Grand Mistress (in her second term of office) to name several associate members – she confidently names Budweizer, Stifey, Comes Alone, Food Fetish and Bugger Boy.




Sucka Pussy advertises The Jakarta Hash Challenge (Google it.) He stressed that it is NOT in Jakarta but will be on 30th August. Sign up for best price before 30th June.

Sybil suggests that none of the Harriets are up-to-it! She just wanted a down-down.


On on to the On On.

2 tables at 99 Kitchen – great Chinese spicey food to rival Red Lanterns. No singing but we were all happy after an all-round good night!


Not Tonight

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