Run Report #2139 28/5/2014

Hares: F—— Easy

Run Site: Lower Pierce Reservoir Car Park

On On: Thumbs Up Chinese Restaurant, Casuarina Road


The Run:

Confidently explaining there was a long/short split, the hare failed to advise that the split would be about 7:20pm and lead anyone foolish to try it to scramble through the thickest vine of rattan he could find, up and down slippery slopes, in pitch black darkness. But I digress.


Something unusual for this run site – out over the dam, with no markings to offend any NParks officials out checking. Markings finally showed up at the drain at the end of the dam, and led us out onto Thomson Road. The visiting Navy boys were chasing some of our younger members, who led them merrily to a check heading south on Upper Thomson. We turned around and headed across the road to Jalan Chempedak, where another T-check turn the Navy boys around. Up Jalan Lanjut to (I think) Jalan Chengam which then led us (via various back roads and canals) to the Thomson Walk area. I lost track then but somehow we got into the forest over Yio Chu Kang Road down Munshi Abdullah Walk and then through the forest to Tagore Road. Up Tagore Lane and down Tagore Lane and back into the forest behind the industrial estate, to find that most of it has been bulldozered. Out onto Tagore Drive, Tagore Industrial Ave (who comes up with these creative names), down the other end of Tagore Lane, and out onto Upper Thomson again. We cross the road at Tagore Road and here the long / sensible split occurred. Foot Fetish, Kannot Kan, and Sneaky Comer took the brave but stupid route through the rattan/forest, cursing all the way back to Old Upper Thomson Road. Smarter people just took the road back home. Nice run, thanks hares. Very original, but suggest doing the forest in daylight next time J


The Circle:


Hare in the Circle: Agreed it was a great run since the hare was going to provide free beer at the On-on.


Tell us about your on on: Thumbs up Chinese restaurant on Casuarina (fabulous food, by the way).


Guests: Jackoff Ginger, Niel, Eric, Eddy, James, No Name J, Andrew, Jack, Adam, Totally Unacceptable, Penile Extension, Ditch, Rachel, Bugle Boy, 14 Penguins, Phoney Dick, Trash, Foot Fetish.
We had to wait for the navy guys to drink their beers.




Virgins: two of the Navy boys were virgins, from memory.


Lipstick: The boys from the US Navy, Kannot Kan and Foot Fetish


Tits: Not present (Wet Brazilian).


Dick: Forced Entry? not here.


Banana Protector:
Father Anus, not here.


Awards – nope.



Tiger Lily: called the hare and demand “where is the other side of dam” is.


Wanda: gave both Tiger Lily and Foot Fetish a charge and drink.


Comes First: is charged for language barrier.


Foot Fetish: to Tiger Lily for charging ‘F*#king Easy F*#ked up run”


KNK: Charged the Navy boys for being slow as they were not following the markings of the trails. They are following Tiger Lily instead. Tiger Lily and her 10 tiger cubs were charged together.


Bugle Boy: Talks about In & Out and Susie Wong was called in on his behalf. Tells he was lost and looked for help. He calls in Rachel as beautiful woman. In & Out told him if he talks to beautiful women, out of nowhere Susie Wong appears. Down down to the both Susie Wong and Rachel.


Wet & Wild: calls in 3 Virgin navy boys for bearing their nipples at the circle. She offered Sybil, Ayam Kampong, and Trash to help them “cover up”.




The Jakarta Hash Challenge (Google it) NOT in Jakarta but will be on 30th August. Sign up for best price before 30th June.


Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriets 40th Anniversary Ball on 13th June and Anniversary Run on 18th June. Registration forms were mailed to all members last week and are also available on the Singapore Harriets facebook page.


On on to the On On.


Thanks to 14 Penguins for taking the notes!

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