Run Report #2145 09/07/2014

Hares: Comes First, Dragon Breath, Butt Wiper & Teeny Weeny Willie & his ferret

Run Site: Blk 30 Dover Rd

On On: 99 Kitchen

The Run:

Cool evening so the runners enjoyed the tour of the Science Park whilst the walkers reminisced about the Colbar and what Portsdown Road used to be like. Turn right at the railway, said the hare – “What railway?” said the newbys.


“Good Run” and many thanks to the hares Dragon Breath, Butt Wiper & Teeny Weeny Willie for standing in for Comes First who was not looking herself thanks to a nasty bug. Apparently we did a backwards Sunday Hash run. Named the ‘Yorkshire Run’ the hares sported natty tweed caps and a ferret on the shoulder – but the detours into the shrubbery were no match for the Yorkshire Dales! Great Yorkshire gin and tonic drink stop assisted by FCB. THANKS hares!


Cumpuss, Foetus, Booty Camp, Snowblower and Ditch,


Returnees: None


Virgins: None


Lipstick: Comes Quietly (“Not here” he said, hiding under his Dick),

Hooray (“Not on the lips”) Kannot Kan (took it like a man).


Tits: Too Easy had various candidates No1. Butt Wiper for setting checks that not even a blonde would fall for! No 2. Goes Down Easy for sticking to the first Alpha male as F#Easy is out of town No 3. FCB for having a faulty erection at the drink stop and running off with the car keys ……..No contest = FCB.


Dick: Comes Quietly’s charge involved Dragon Breath’s fascination with Teeny Weeny Willie’s ferret but he was too quiet for me to catch the story.


Awards – nope.



‘Budweizer’ was charged by Sybil for putting his arm around her and taking her in the wrong direction so she missed the drink stop!


Dragon Breath charged FCB for being able to talk more than her and for telling her how good he was at erections. That’s the last time she will accept his help in putting up the drink stop table.


Dragon Breath charged the hare Comes First (look alike Goes Down Easy) for asking for a co-hare a week ago; falling sick yesterday so more hares were recruited; and adding can you do a drink stop?; and where will you have your on-on? ….. singing “She ought to be …..!”


Not Tonight charged Boxer with spraying her with citronella/anti mate when Stiffy is out of town and she is just about to pack in writing the circle report and can at last enjoy her evening.


Goes Down Easy charged Tiger Lily with missing a good looking guy in the jungle who said to her “you ran past me twice!” but how did she still get to the drink stop first?


Sweet Thighs pointed out how high class Snow Blower and Booty Camp’s for carrying designer water bottles on the run….well she knows a thing or two about accessories.


Forced Entry wanted to know how Sybil gets away with molest? Ask Tiger Lily or Comes Quietly for the answer.


On on to the On On.

Scribed by Not Tonight

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