Run Report #1959 05/01/2011

Hares: Sex Change, C#ntfused, Jackoff and Slocum

End of Springleaf Road

The Circle:

So, what did we think of that for a run? ”Wettest run of the year, over and done with in the first week!”, “Wet, hot and sticky”, “Good run”, “Noisy run!”, “Scary run”.

Tell us about your on on. at Lenny’s house, $10, Thai green curry, vegetables and apple cake and ice cream – tasty!

Next week’s run: Hare = Virginia Slim, at the end of Tagore Road, 50% probability of a drinks stop.

Visitors: 11 of them! Still need to get list from Wet Pet.

Virgins: One young lad, who Big Head took under her wing! Not sure if he will run with us again though, but how could he resist when Big Head tempted him with her star – “The star, it is where the magic is. I can do it faster and on demand too!”.

Returness: – Mother Mary and Dirty Hacker (who was beaten by a woman, but Dirty Hacker did admit “It happens every day!” – ahh! Bless!).

Dick: Boo, whose name isn’t Richard by the way, brought Jack Off in for her role as a hare. During the run she was sweeping and directing the pack, but the only problem was she didn’t know which way the trail went!

Boo also asked Jack Off “Who set the longest T check ever?!!” Jack Off denied it was her for about a minute, then she owned up to it, but in a surprised turn of events she charged her co- hares for making her run all that way! Good call!

After a quick vote Slocum became the new owner of the dick.

(Oh and he was beaten by a woman too!).

Tits: The Tits were then called for and surprise, surprise they were in Father Anus’ car, but he refused to get them out saying “they’re not mine, they’re not mine!” Definitely a chargeable offense.

Lipstick: Handbag, Jig a jig and 3 your visitors “Remember, ladies always come first!”.

Awards – none.


Not tonight brought Jack Off in. As we know she sometimes get confused by natural phenomenon, what with airplanes that look like shooting stars. However tonight Jack Off saw flashing in the sky and said “Lightening!” but standing right next to her was Kannot Kan with his camera – “It was his camera flash, Jack Off!”

(Kannot Kan then joined the sorry group of guys beaten by a woman).

Handbag brought in a Tiger Lily lookalike, because as we know there was a storm during the run, a big storm and there was lots of thunder and lightening. Handbag was running behind Tiger Lily (of course, don’t we all) and there was a loud clap of thunder and Tiger Lily reaction was to curl into the foetal position, but unfortunately from Handbag viewpoint it looked like she had just squatted down to relieve herself, shall we say!

Fat Crashing Bastard reminded everyone that it did rain a little on the run, a fact that some people enjoyed. Especially Christine and Kowpat Kowboy, who were running with Goodie Bag and had their tongues dragging on the floor when she stated “Do you know, I could almost be naked I am so wet!”

Handbag had been doing some research about stars and had read in the paper that there are something like 300000000000000000000000 (3 with 23 zeros after it whatever that number is) stars in the sky. So that is obviously why Jack Off sees so many shooting stars!

Hooray made an announcement that one of brew truck men was going back to China, so we all said thank you for all your services. Then he brought in a visiting Finnish woman and explained how he had asked what she did. She was a teacher – A teacher of Finnish? – No, Swedish! and she runs the Inter Mekong Hash in Laos!

Too Easy brought hares into the circle for setting the running on festive coloured paper – yellow! However the festive yellow was exactly the same colour as the old leaves in the jungle! Are you trying to make our lives difficult?

(The boys were beaten by a woman again!)

Not Tonight reminded us how dangerous hashing can be and how various people have been injured in the past. Today’s injured person was Wet and Dry, but did she really deserve our sympathy? Probably not seeing as her “injury” was cramp in her drinking hand from staying too long at the drinks stop!

Slocum called co-hares Sex Change and Confused into the circle so we could say farewell to them after 20 years in Singapore. “We have really enjoyed your company”.

Big Head then charged Wet and Dry and Dirty Dick,, (whoops, I think you mean Dirty Hacker, or maybe she know something we don’t). Apparently things are a bit incestuous between them in Texas!

Stiffy – “Isn’t it nice to know who your friends are?” His night started well when ? came up and gave him a kiss, but unfortunately she followed it with “By the way I’ve sent you something in the post, but you will probably get charged for it because I forgot to put a stamp on”. Thanks!

Big Head then brought the birthday girl Deep Throat in for us all to celebrate with.

Jack Off ended the night by telling us how a few months ago lion city organised a scorpion run, but unfortunately one of contributors didn’t get his t-shirt, but there were none left in his size – Aaahhh, poor Slocum. Tonight we discovered why there were no xxl t-shirts left, Goodie Bag had made it into a dress!

On on on.

Scribed by Wet Brazilian.

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