Our New Website Look

We have just finished uploading the new look web site for Harriets.  In preparing the new site there are a few things we wanted to do:

  1. Reorganize the site a little, with the aim of making it easier to find things.
  2. Replace the corner navigation.  While it was very cool, we did get some comments from members that they had to chase the icon around the screen to click on it.
  3. Consolidate the look.  We wanted to be able to very quickly change the look of the site and so the backgrounds, standard fonts, colours etc are all defined in one place so they are easier to change.
  4. Create a “local look”.  The background is a picture taken in East Coast Park, and if you scroll down in the longer pages you will see a pair of (almost) hash feet.  Visitors to ECP will know that the feet are painted on the walkways to try and get people to walk on the walk-ways and bike / blade on the bike paths.  It doesn’t always work :-) .  But the feet really look like hash feet and that inspired the picture.

Hopefully you like the look.  No doubt there will be a few who don’t (you can’t please everyone).  We’d love to hear your (hopefully constructive) comments though, to Sneaky Comer or a member of the committee.

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