Run Report #2128 12/03/2014

The Schools Out (almost) Run Hare: Cock Radio

Run Site: Sembawang – car park diagonally opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre

On On: Yi Jia Le Seafood, across the ditch for the brave or down the road for the sane.

The Run:

‘Parking Coupons,’ was the last thing said by the GM as runners plodded off into the haze. While walkers went direct across the field, runners went via the drain. The cricket pitch of the former Jelutung field was inspected. Unfortunately teams can no longer play on it as half the ‘Public space’ has been taken over by a new condo. It’s just not cricket.

Across more field to the former Sembawang River, now just a mere canal of it’s former glorious self. Far canal.

Through the bike track on the way back and into the nice Gambas jungle. Someone had thoughtfully hacked a new trail, marking it with red and white tape. As I was short on paper to mark my trail, I decided to use this new path and see where it took us. Well, one way took us back to the drain where we had started, but most of the Pack decided to go the opposite way and ignore a T Check. This group came out of the jungle further up Sembawang Rd.

Comes Quietly led a group to home, while another group with Goes Down Easy, F#*kin’ Easy and Bugle Boy went back into the jungle to try and find trail.

A short 45 minute run for some, a bit more for others. The Hare did not want everyone to over exert in the heat and haze. Thoughtful, caring Hare.


The Circle:


Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Good run. Considering the heat and haze, shorter is better.


Tell us about your On On: Yi Jia Le Seafood, across the ditch for the brave or down the road for the sane. $12.


Next Week’s Run: Knobby Boy Scout, Zehnder Road.


Guests: Bugle Boy, Ditch, 14 Penguins, Trash, Phoney Dick, and a few others, welcome anyway.


Returnees: not that we recall.


Virgins: Nope.


Lipstick: Phony Dick, Stiffy, Ditch, Paul, Bugle Boy. Looked like they ended up with a penis on their forehead.


Tits: with Give Way.


Dick: with Not Good Enough.


Banana Protector: Father Anus, not here.


Awards nope.



  • The GM has a naming. Visitor Mark recognized Jack Off by her outstanding assets. No, not her bum. And no, not her boobs. He recognized her toes. So with the power infected and ingested in her, Mark will now and forever be known as Foot Fetish.
  • Wet ‘n Wild called in some leggy Harriets, Trash and 14 Penguins. Yes long legs indeed. While the GM has some great assets, including her feet, her legs are not quite the leggy length of these other two gals. But perhaps over estimating her legs a little, on reaching a kennel (NZ talk for ‘canal’), Jack Off confidently declared she could get across there with her long legs. I think a pair of her other assets ended up wet.
  • Stiffy declares the Kiwis have common sense – they are removing the Union Jack from their flag. So he calls in all the Australians for lacking common sense by keeping the Union Jack.
  • Sneaky Comer observed Goes Down showing her sex style preferences – she made a beeline for the Doggy Style Pet Shop. I wonder if Wet Brazilian would have gone next door to the Beaver Hair Stylist. In and Out was seen getting a business card from the Thai Massage Studio.
  • Bugle Boy told how Kamala was at home wet and naked after showering when the front doorbell rang. A voice on the intercom declared it was the blind man. Not wanting to rush herself drying and clothing, she walked naked to the door and let him in, knowing that he would not be able to see anything, including her assets. On entering, the man calmly asked Kamala ‘Where would you like these window blinds installed madam?’ We wonder if he turned a blind eye?
  • Stiffy declares he knows how Forced Entry can afford a convertible BMW. She paid for it from all the money she saves on parking coupons. Yes, there was the white BMW without a coupon, saved from a $30 fine by Stiffy’s generosity.
  • Cock Radio follows up – another Hasher either knew it was going to be a short run, or he thought he was pretty quick. On in Comes Quietly for only putting a 30 minute parking voucher on his car. Saved by the generosity of Stiffy and Croc Hunter.
  • Not Tonight calls in the King of Sembawang (that’s me) for being environmentally friendly and recycling runs. She also charges Sneaky Comer for recycling charges (Doggy Style).
  • Sneaky Comer calls in Comes Quietly, who after living in Singapore for 15 years just discovered that a nearby country, Cambodia, has 50 cent beers.
  • In and Out thanks all those that contributed to last weekend’s Lion City Hospice fund raiser. Expectations were exceeded. (It was a great event).


On on to the On On.

Scribed by Cock Radio


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