Run Report #2029 2/5/2012

The AGM Run

Hares: Wet Patch & Shoe Shopper

Where: Mt. Sinai Rise

On On: The House of Parker

The Run A good turn out is assembled by the GM, who after 12 months has learnt what time a 6 o’clock run starts. Some scenic running along the other side of the canal saw Sybil as the front running lady (well, for at least 50 metres) after the FRB’s hit a T Check. Tiger Lily missed the paper going up to Commonwealth Ave where another T Check saw Give Way take the lead. Unfortunately a turn of speed and rush of blood in her moment of glory saw her miss the turn up onto the escalator at Dover MRT.

A Circle inside the Singapore Poly Tech was interesting. So was a steep set of steps with a signpost stating that they led to sustainability. A few runners decided they could sustain themselves better by avoiding the steps altogether.

The Underpass back to the canal side of Commonwealth led to another T Check. As we turned back, I looked at Not Good Enough and he looked at me. We both had the same thought -The run must come back to the canal side of Commonwealth at some stage to get runners back home. So with a twinkle in our eyes and a spring in our step, off we set, keeping our eye on the pack running parallel on the other side of the road. While the Pack made its way through a piece of jungle and around the back of a construction site on the way towards Buona Vista MRT, we had a look at a new coffee shop for potential On On possibilities.

At this stage we lost site of the pack, but figured they would make their way to the old railway line, so down we dropped just near Holland Village. Sure enough, there was a Circle Check. Not wanting the FRB’s to see us, we then had a 500 metre sprint along a straight stretch of old railway line till we rounded a bend and collapsed in a heap. After recovering, we knew we were still on trail when we saw an old abandoned chalk board with On On and a smiling face drawn on it. Nice touch.

Despite a cleaner with a pressure hose at the HDB’s doing his best to clean off all the chalk marks, the Trail made it’s way eventually to the Mt. Sinai side of the canal. Giving the 2 finger salute to the walkers on the other side of the canal, we disappeared up a set of steps to find the drink stop in a little playground for a well deserved tipple of vodka.

As Not Good Enough and I had run so fast, we had finished our 3rd drink and were walking back to the Beer Van when the front runners, who had missed the drink stop turn off, came past us in the opposition direction like chooks with their heads cut off looking for the drinks.

Good run Hares.

The Circle: The GM quickly assembled the wet troops so the gals could head of for their AGM.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? With so many runners missing turns, and different use of a well used area, a good run was declared. Shaggy Dick Too claimed the drink stop was hidden though.

Tell us about your On On: House of Parker, Boxer’s catering, all paid for by the Clurb. Good Run.

Next week’s run: ROM, Fort Canning Park, bring your smart phone.

Visitors / Returnees: There were but I did not have the list.

Virgins: Nope

New Member: Nope.

Lipstick: not this week.

Tits: Sneaky Comer unloaded them onto Tiger Lily, who looked like she was in need of a lift.

[Ed: umm, no, looks like Cock Radio was having a sulk so here’s the real charge:

Sneaky Comer called in Tiger Lily (not present), Wet Brazilian, Posh Nash, and Loose Change. Last Friday, Sneaky Comer was running along with Tiger Lily (cries of bullshit rang out, but it was true, mainly due to some judicious short cutting). Anyway, Sneaky Comer overhead Tiger Lily reporting that “she had a very good instinct for where the trail went”. Well we all know she can’t see trail, but now we know her women’s intuition is blind as well. So how does this relate to the three ladies in the circle? Well all of them displayed Tiger Lily like behavior on the run tonight:

- Give Way, while front running, ran straight over a left turn arrow and thereby led the pack astray at the Dover overpass.

- Wet Brazilian ran right past a right turn arrow on the connector.

- Posh Nash not only ran over the above mentioned right turn, but also called “looking looking” while doing it. For displaying annoying Tiger Lily like tendencies, Posh Nash got the tits.

Dick: Jack Off still with a firm grip on it.

Awards – 700 Runs – Not Tonight.

The Annual Awards. These were momentarily delayed while Sybil, FGM, (Future GM) gave a speech. The speech included the following words – ‘Mustafa, blah blah blah, no F Me shoes, justice, blah blah blah, one Hair, f#*king Hash Hush, and more blah blah. Despite my inability to put her speech into some sort of passage that vaguely resembles the English language, it was very funny and had people doubled over in laughter.

Some other highlights of these awards were the cardboard bags holding the beer award prizes all splitting open, resulting in Wet Patch getting the blame. Tiger Lily, winner of longest run, was quoted before her run as saying ‘It could be a little bit long, maybe 8km.’ We would have been happy with 8km, but a run close to 12km was literally going a bit too far. Cock Radio got the best On On award by taking everyone to 1036 in Sembawang and then getting Forced Entry to order the food.

There were some other highlights but the light rain that began to fall smudged my notes.

(Or was it because I stopped scribing when I did not get the Male Member Award???)

The rain also prompted someone to query why we did not get an umbrella as our AGM gift.

Best Run: Sybil and Dances with Kerbs and Forced Entry

From nominations:

Run 1991 August 17 Pakistan Road Virginia Slim, Loose Change, & Suzee Wong

Run 2009 December 14 Turf City Shaggy Dick Too & Vibrator

Run 2001 October 19 Fort Canning Sybil, Dances with Kerbs, & Forced Entry

Best On On: Cock Radio (Forced Entry really)

From nominations:

Run 2012 January 4 Dairy Farm Road Deep Throat, Ugly Bum, Malfunktion, Ad Nauseum Mal’s Cotttage Pie

Run 1978 May 18 Sembawang Cock Radio and Forced Entry Coffee Shop

Run 2016 February 1 Labrador MRT Mother’s Tongue & Jana Lennie’s BBQ Pita

Best Drink Stop: Forced Entry and Virginia

From nominations:

Run 2017 February 8 Margaret Drive Forced Entry & Virginia Slim

Run 2020 February 29 Lorong Lada Hitam Boo, Too Easy, Stiffener, Quickie Champagne & Cake and Bike Accident

Run 1991 August 17 Pakistan Road Virginia Slim, Loose Change, & Suzee Wong Birthday Run

Longest Run: Tiger Lily

From nominations:

Run 2010 December 21 Bukit Gombak Tiger Lily

Run 2007 November 30 Dairy Farm Rd Give Way & Not Good Enough

Run 1993 August 31 Blackmore Drive Shoe Shopper & Camel Humper

Wettest Run: Quickie and Boo

From nominations:

Run 1977 May 11 Tampines Road Forced Entry &Virginia Slim

Run 1997 September 28 Tagore Drive Open to the Floor & Vibrator

Run 1989 August 3 End of Yishun Ave 1 Boo & Quickie Singapore National Day Run

Most Creative (Trickiest) Run: Too easy, FCB and 2 Jugs

From nominations:

Run 1999 October 12 Segar Road Too Easy, FCB, Two Jugs

Run 1986 July 13 Outram Road Dances with Kerbs & Sybil

Run 1980 June 1 East Coast Posh Nash, Wet ‘n Wild, Sneaky Comer

Most Confusing Run: Kannot Kan

From nominations:

Run 2008 December 7 Old Jurong Road Kannot Kan

Run 1994 September 7 Racecourse Road Hooray Confused us by being so good

Run 1987 July 20 Turf City Ugly Bum & Ad Nauseum Lots of T checks

Harriets Hero: Sneaky Comer

From nominations:

Herr Zipp

Cock Radio

Sneaky Comer

Harriet of the Year: Shoe shopper

AOB: Not Tonight. I mean, not Jo, but there is no AOB tonight.

Scribed by Cock Radio.

For next week’s smart phone run!

Wouldn’t we all like to do something like this…..especially if you are in a cafe or restaurant, and you have to listen to somebody at the next damned table.
You know how irritating mobile phone users are when they fail to exercise discretion and think the world needs to know their business? When you have enjoyed as much as you can stand you can now get you own back!!!
After a busy day, he settled down in his train from Waterloo for a nap, as far as his destination at Winchester, when the chap sitting near him hauled out his mobile and started up:-

‘Hi darling, it’s Peter, I’m on the train – yes, I know it’s the 6.30 not the 4.30 but I had a long meeting – no, not with that floozie from the typing pool, with the boss, no darling you’re the only one in my life – yes, I’m sure, cross my heart” etc., etc.

This was still going on at Wimbledon, when the young woman opposite, driven beyond endurance, yelled at the top of her voice,
“Hey, Peter, turn that bloody phone off and come back to bed!!”

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