Run Report #2035 13/6/2012

Comes Quietly’s Birthday run

Hare:Comes Quietly

Where: Chestnut Avenue

On On: Red Lantern again

The Circle: The Wet Brazilian called the circle to order and twenty minutes later the said circle did actually come to order. This was the same as last week bloody unruly bunch.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? The usual moans of too short, however the GM asked at the beginning if the run was long and the hare said “no it was a short run”. Once again the hare was a lying b######d. Front runners in at 7:15

Tell us about your On On: Red Lantern. Free beers good run!!!!

Next week’s run: Father Anus End of Yishun Avenue.

Visitors: Boxer, Knobby Boy Scout (looka alike Maggot as KBS gone), Mr Logic, Golden Shower, Kelly, Banana Republic.

Returnees: Woodbridge (along with Stiff & Krit cause they weren’t listening re visitors callup).

Virgins: None

Lipstick: Ad Nauseum what again & still denying although doth protestith too much me thinks, Boo (short cutter!!) When is he not. Old fart and short person aa the bad boys.

Tits: Boxer regales how women all have something in common regardless of nationality: namely breasts and fanny. Boxer’s daughter told Boxer she needed to return the breasts as they were bigger than her! Plus she had to explain to her daughter what tits meant! Tits given to Kan the Kobra, no idea why except maybe she’s a women and has something in common with us all. Not fair lah said Kan the Kobra.


· GM charged by Wet N Wild for forgetting her wedding anniversary. GM was dressed in a sexy negligee and given some lovely edible undies to help remind her of the romance of her anniversary with her beloved hubby.

· Maggot suggested GM played 20 toes with the women pointing 10 up and the man ponting 10 down tadah 20 that’s how you play 20 toes!

· Wet Brazilian charged Shoe Shopper for forgetting her clothers and having to wear Wet Patch’s clothes-looked better on her than on Wet Patch.

· Shoe Shopper called Maggot in for calling for a woman and asking for Ugly Bum. When Shoe Shopper, Tiger Lily and GM answered the call he said great that’s 3 ugly bums! He’s the meanest…

· Wet Brazilian called Father Anus in for being so tight he has been wearing the same running shoes for 6 years.

· GM called in Comes Quietly for the birthday cake Maggot suggested was recycled from last week. Thanks Esh for organizing that was yummy.

· Announcement: – Kampong having a diamond Jubilee run Saturday at Sloane Court Hotel. Fish n Chips n Beer Dress as some kind of queen (you have missed this now).

· Sunday Hash at Labrador Park (likewise, it was last Sunday).

Scribed by Wet ‘n Wild
On on to the Red Lantern

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