Run Report #2037 27/6/2012

The “Twice around the carpark and out” run

Hares: Singaporn & Wet Pet

Where: St George’s Church back car park off Harding Road, Dempsey

On On: Botak Jones

The Circle: The Circle was brought to order by stand-in Grand Mattress, Zipp. She did not have the almost mandatory GM f@#k me shoes but her pair of black thongs more than made up for it.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? The hares, Wet Pet and Singaporn were invited into the circle. That the run was good was a unanimous verdict, though it took us forever to get out of the carpark.

Tell us about your On On: Botak Jones.

Next week’s run: Not sure if this was announced at circle, but anyway the run is the Amercian Independence Day Run, which, according to one hare, should also be a British Celebration Run (for getting rid of those pesky colonies). [Ed: not sure the British actually saw it that way. Further, it was the loss of the American colonies that caused the British to look elsewhere to unload their undesirables, resulting in the creation of Australia. Well done Septics!!!]

Right, so where is the run? 42 Ridout Road (Dempsey).

Visitors: Rusty T-Bone from Oregon. Rusty T did comment to 8 Miles Wide that Oregon is a wet, wet place.

Returnees: None.

Virgins: None.

Lipstick: Wet Patch and Maggot. As there was no lipstick, Shoe Shopper provided lipstick mouth-to-mouth to Wet Patch. She conveniently ran out of lipstick when it was Maggot’s turn.

Tits: Kannot Kan gave a long drawn blah, blah, blah and then handed the tits to Tiger Lily, who later entrusted them to 8 Miles Wide.

Dick: with Father Anus, but there is no evidence he gave it away this week (see notes later on the absence of a scribe).


· Gypsy called the hares into the circle and said that in the past, teachers used to be treasured for their copious supply of hash chalk. Now, however, we have teachers who can set a run with only one piece of chalk.

· Herr Zipp had wondered if there was going to be fireworks for the July 4 Run. So they asked the church and all they got was candles. They asked the synagogue and the rabbi offered a menorah. They asked the mosque and he said sure, I’ll come over and slipped into his vest.

· Jack Off didn’t get the joke – what a blondie.

· Maggot fell over, and ended up humping a log.

· At this point, Zipp gave herself a down down for forgetting to appoint a scribe. Oops!

· Wet Pet got a bunch of people a down down for sitting in the circle. In their defense, Kannot Kan was speaking and, as with Sybil, one may sit when either one of them does a charge.

· Sybil charged Dances with Kerbs and Zipp for informing her that she should wear a skirt next week.

· Sybil charged Gypsy for not bothering that Father Anus was not back from the run. She was happy that Quickie thought to call Father Anus mobile although he never picked up the phone as it was probably in his car.\Herr Zipp was quick to pick up that Sybil was the only one who knew Father Anus mobile number by heart and she was also the only one without a mobile.

· Deep Throat made the ironic observation that Sybil is actually on Facebook.

· Shoeshopper charged 8 Miles Wide for being antisocial at the hash. 8 Miles Wide has a track record for not saying very much, and this time she was caught reading a book and (god forbid) Facebooking.

· Father Anus, safe, sound, and finally present, was quick to testify to Shoeshopper’s charge. According to Father Anus, the only words 8 Miles Wide could muster when they were setting the trail last Wednesday were in response to a compliment:

“You have a beautiful pair of legs,” said Father Anus.

“Is it?” said 8 Miles. (She still disputes the accuracy of his greying memory.)

· Zipp said that there are some people who take to a sport so naturally. Of course there is RustyT-Bone who was born with a birthmark on his calf which resembled a foot with the words OnOn inscribed in it.

· Tiger Lily received a down down together with loads of luck and best wishes for her up-coming Iron Man in Frankfurt. We hope you like German sausage, Lil.

The circle was called to a close and On On toBotak’s Backyard.

Scribed by Zipp with a little help from 8 Miles Wide, because Zipp was “too drunk to remember”.

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