Run Report #2043 8/8/2012

Singapore National Day Run

Hares: Boo, Quickie, and Father Anus

Where: Tagore Drive

On On: Coffee Shop at Corner of Tagore Road and Tagore Lane

The Run:

Welcome back to the school teacher contingent of the committee, who prompty restored the Harriets to the usual state of disorganization – the GM arrived late in flip flops with a look of “what, are you waiting for me?”. The On Sec seemed determined to catch up on 7 weeks of conversations within 15 minutes before heading off for a pee, coming back to calls of “what time does the 6 o’clock run start” from impatient associate members, also with a look of “what, are you waiting for me?”. Anyway, about 6:10pm stand in GM Wet ‘n Wild sent the pack off down Tagore Drive for a close encounter with a bunch of gruesome looking guard dogs, who had the front runners a bit unsure what to do until Gypsy authoritatively told them to stand down (the dogs, not the front runners).

Up along the fence behind the industrial state (“no, we really aren’t going behind those red signs” before we took a left turn off Tagore Road. A convenient circle check gave your writer a chance to have his pee before calling for a woman, then we headed up the track towards the SLE.

Another circle check with a cleverly hidden trail over the bank and behind a tree had us heading over to Lentor, where we lost trail and presumably missed a circle check. On was over the SLE slip road before another circle check under Lentor Avenue was clearly designed to get some of us to swim across the canal. Bugger that, we found the on on the other side of the MRT line and off we headed towards Yishun.

A left turn to Springleaf looked like a T check to me, and eventually was. We circled Springleaf to the south before the final circle check had everyone stumped for about 10 minutes. I gave up and shortcut across the SLE/Upper Thomson intersection (to my cost), while the rest of the pack kept searching and found the trail back near the circle check.

A final log run along the construction track had Too Easy on an Olympic style sprint, well out of sight of the rest of us. A good run, front runner in about 7:10pm.

The Circle: The GM, late again, attempted to form a circle at 8:15pm, but all her committee members were talking.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? A good run, “even Gypsy was impressed”. Thanks hares for a good run and “beautiful colour” National Day shirts! Happy National Day hares.

Tell us about your On On: Coffee shop at the end of Tagore Lane, just go straight until the t-junction.

Next week’s run: Give Way comes into the circle to very forcefully proclaim that next week, Not Good Enough WILL set the run. Not Good Enough limps in to report that the run will be at Telok Blangah Green, near Alkaff Mansion.

Visitors: Welcome Tim and Liz (from Japan), Phony Dick, Katie, Trevor, Penile Extension and Boxer.

Lipstick: Hooray (who started the run at 6pm regardless and it took us a bit longer than normal to catch him), Trevor (who didn’t run and so got to the beer wagon before everyone else) and Sneaky Comer (who’s previous short cut came back to haunt him). The GM asked where the naughty boys wanted their lipstick applied – caution is warranted, one day we might give an honest answer J.

Tits: absent with Maggot, apparently.

Dick: absent without leave. Last record I have is that it is with Herr Zipp. Anyone know?


· Stiffy noted that Lethal Weapon had arrived just before the circle in a taxi. A longer than usual payment transaction was underway when Father Anus intervened. What are we to think, Stiffy asked, when an attractive woman arrives, starts negotiating and then exchanges money? On in Father Anus for soliciting.

· Father Anus riposts by charging Lethal Weapon with coming first. Sorry I was a bit distracted, that’s what I have written down.

· The GM has two of her recalcitrant committee members in. Wet ‘n Wild and Lost Marbles have been in conversation for the entire circle so far. What is so important? Committee business, apparently (or not likely). Anyway, they get a drink.

· The GM has another disrespect charge. How dare Harriets arrive at the circle better dressed than her? Too Easy is dressed in fetching FM shoes, while Two Jugs is in a little black cocktail dress. “You aren’t allowed to look better than me”, the GM exclaims. Gypsy was lucky to avoid a drink for “better get all the women in the circle then”.

· Wet Pet points out that a well set run keeps the pack together. Yet tonight, Not Good Enough boasted of “beating Wet Pet in”, while the FRB’s failed to take care of the pack by properly breaking checks. On in hares, Jackoff, Gypsy, Two Jugs, and Not Good Enough.

· The GM has been disrespected AGAIN tonight. Standing close to Sybil, Sybil had remarked that “she likes the GM’s black hair”. “But I haven’t got black hair”, replied the GM. “I know, I liked it better when it was black”, says Sybil.

· Mother’s Tongue notes that Sybil has been sitting in the circle, and asks how old she has to be to be allowed to sit? GM gets a drink for allowing sitting in the cirle.

· At this point a Police car arrived to scope out what was happening. Croc Hunter, quick on his feet, runs over and points out that this is a legitimate National Day celebration by a registered society (or something like that, it was done in Hokkien). Anyway, the Police depart and the GM gives Croc Hunter a celebratory drink.

· This reminds the GM to get the Singaporeans in the circle for the required singing of the National Anthem, which starts lamely but finishes with much gusto. Happy National Day! Someone asks why Vish was in the circle?

· Stiffy points out that the London Olympic Games are on at the moment, with all the usual jingoism of who has the most medals. New Zealand took an innovative approach, leaping to the top of the medal count for “number of medals per head of population”, although they were recently pipped for that by some island. Anyway, Kiwis in for a drink, Wet ‘n Wild and Lost Marbles.

· Sneaky Comer is quick to point out that the maths is wrong, the kiwis forgot to include the sheep in their population. The kiwis get another drink.

· Penile Extension weighs in on the Olympics theme. Apparently Australia have not been doing as well as expected in the Olympics, so some of their media are claiming that New Zealand is really part of Australia to claim their medals. On in a look a like for a blonde Australian geography teacher, in this case Wet Pet.

· More on the Olympic theme from Not Tonight, who points out that Kazakhstan and Croatia have done very well. Father Anus for Kazakhstan and Mother’s Tongue for Croatia get a drink.

· New Zealand are not the only ones to put a fine point on their Olympic performance. Too Easy points out that Australian journalists have being showing the top 11 countries on the medal table to ensure Australia is included. All the Aussies get a drink.

· Mother’s Tongue has had enough. For years the committee have been striving to get the Harriets looking lovely in the circle, wearing nice dresses and FM shoes. How can the GM discourage such practices. Give the GM a note.

· Too Easy calls in visitor Tim. Apparently he saw all the car keys in the tray on the drinks table and thought that meant he was going to get lucky tonight.

· Ugly Bum pointed out that a lovely night for the Harriets was nearly spoiled tonight due to a potentially fatal accident due to some dodgy Singapore work practices (loading a container on a truck). Herr Zipp was disappointed, though, that the accident was averted – “he could have worked on the worker’s compensation claim”. And when one lawyer drinks, ALL lawyers drink.

· Herr Zipp thanks Penile Extension for bringing a Sinapore flag tonight, but does point out that it looks suspiciously like the flags in a box in Fairprice that were devoted to HDB apartments. Give the cheap bastard a note!

And with that, it’s on-on to the coffee shop on the corner.

Scribed by Sneaky Comer

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