Run Report #2045 22/8/2012

The Birthday Run

Hares: Loose Change, Suzee Wong, and Virginia Slim

Where: End of Tagore Road

On On: Happy Kampong Eating House(?), Corner of Tagore Road and one of the the 7 Tagore Lanes in the vicinity

The Run:

Another run, another small parking problem. This time, the end of Tagore Road was being marked out for a game of Sepak takraw ( for the uninformed, which included me until a few minutes ago). The guys setting up were very nice in telling Mother’s Tongue to F&*k off with her car, before finally decided they wouldn’t trash it if she left it where it was.

As has become customary since the teaching members of the committee returned from their 3 months of vacation, key members of the committee commenced a gossip session committee discussion shortly before 6pm. This continued to well past 6pm, with the rest of the pack politely and quietly formed in a circle waiting to start (well, maybe there was the odd rude comment like “what time does the 7pm run start”). Gossip session committee discussion completed, the GM called the circle to order, took a few compliments on her hat, and finally sent us off to a hole in the wall at the end of the street “just a little after 6pm”. Getting there required us to run through the Sepak Takraw court, but never mind.

Getting through the fence took a while since it was a tiny hole bordered by friendly nails. Fortunately, then, Tiger Lily found an imaginary T-check and led the pack BACK to the hole in the wall while Big Head called plaintively “but there is trail over here” past the imaginary T-check. Sharon Batu found herself in the uncustomary position of lead lady when we did finally find a real T-check, which led us back for a mountain climb over one of those levy banks covered in buffalo grass. Up the bank we went, then down the other side, then into the stream, then up the steep bank on the other side – arrgghh, now this run was starting to show the characteristics of Virginia Slim inspiration. Sadly, it had rained early in the day so the stream we crossed had dropped to calf deep height rather than the waste deep he normally prefers.

Having climbed the other side of the stream, we reached the corner where Tiger Lily found another T-check, heading us into fruitless checking in the Lentor Loop area. We weren’t helped by a call of on on driven by a splash of paint on the road. After a fair bit of faffing around, we went back behind Fionssa Park where Too Easy found trail on a construction track. At this point I got completely disoriented – clever circles, T-checks, and lots of bush had us turned in circles. Eventually we emerged behind Munshi Abdullah walk, ran down the end, and eventually found our way to the park/bandstand behind the old Teacher’s Club, where we were rewarded with champaigne!

Finally, at about 7:10pm, Loose Change ushered us all home through the drain for a the short jog back to the run site. An awesome run, with great checks that were difficult to solve and required everyone to go out a check, first time in a long time. Well done hares!

The Circle:

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Great run, excellent drink stop, very innovative. Well done hares!

Tell us about your On On: At the corner coffee shop, which one sign calls “Happy Kampong Eating House”. Virginia Slim confesses that one of the dishes is not a favourite of In & Out. Oh well, on on for $12.

Next week’s run: Tiger Lily promises next week’s run, which will start at the Bukit Gombak stadium carpark, will only be 32km this year, and there will be a short cut. Probably with pizza on site.

Visitors: Welcome Wayne, Kara, 8-24, Sharon Batu, Easy Rider, Shirley, In & Out, Slack Arse, and Pia.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run (reprise)? Suzee Wong has returned from wherever she was for the first down down, so the hares get another drink.

Virgins: Nope.

Tits: missing, probably with Maggot.

Dick: missing, thought to be with Lethal Weapon.

Lipstick: The GM has Hooray in as an extra naughty boy, for telling tales. Since he was first to the drink stop, he was able to snitch on Comes Quietly. Boo was also called in for leading the GM astray.


· Loose Change has done her back in moving furniture around. So she was feeling a bit sore and sorry when she arrived to set the run. Virginia Slim had no sympathy, he asked her to carry around a heavy rope in case a Harriet needed to be pulled up the bank.

· Big Head has a gift for Virginia Slim, a Texan beer. “All my exes live in Texas”.

· This prompts In & Out to sing an alternative Texan song. See;ttVILDINAH.html for the full words.

· Fat Crashing Bastard points out that as hashers get older, they forget things. Like their hash names. Slack Arse apparently wanted to do something to the GM’s arse, which was white and black. Umm, I think I missed something there. Anyway, give Slack Arse a drink.

· Which reminds Sneaky Comer that Fat Crashing Bastard had a novel way to help Harriets climb the stream bank, he pushed Posh Nash up the bank by her arse.

· Which reminds FCB that Posh Nash had gotten upset with FCB for “caressing her arse”. FCB protested that it wasn’t a caress if he had a “flat hand”. “Well”, responded Posh Nash, “I have a tight arse”. Somehow that turned into a fantasy about a woman licking ice cream off a man. Ants in Pants got a drink about a look-a-like for Posh Nash.

· The GM is upset that her fellow committee members have been rude to her. Wet ‘n Wild got a drink for “when did you lose it” and “I can stretch a hole for you” – the mind boggles.

· Loose Change reminds us that we had a fantastic drink stop. Towards the end, however, a security guard swung past to check out what was going on. The thing is, he was tiny. So why did Easy Rider rush off to throw his drink in the garbage?

· The GM calls the birthday boys and girls in for a drink and a fantastic cake by Boxer: Virginia Slim, Suzee Wong, Big Head, Two Jugs (not here but never mind), Boxer, Loose Change, and Slack Arse.

· Fat Crashing Bastard is on fine enough form tonight to risk a naming attempt. Kara fell over constantly on the run, and complained about it, leading to her being named as Goes Down Easy.

· Mother’s Tongue did not fall down tonight, but was impressed by the GM who did a very acrobatic tuck and roll.

· Wet ‘n Wild wants to know if the GM went commando.

· On that theme, Too Easy notes that Wayne was behaving like a commando, or perhaps Tarzan, tonight – swinging on vines, sliding down embankments, tip-toeing across a plank, and taking time out for a swing in the park. Might we have a name? Well he is married to Goes Down Easy, so some wag suggested “Lucky Bastard”. King of the Swingers and Swing King were tried before we settled on Fu&king Easy.

And with that, the Easy family have a group hug, offer to set a run, and it’s on on to the Happy Kampong Eating House.

Scribed by Sneaky Comer

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