Run Report #2046 29/8/2012

The “Short” Run

Hare: Tiger Lily

Where: Bukit Gombak Stadium Carpark

On On: nearby coffee shop

The Run:

This week’s parking problem was the PIE – it resembled one from about 5pm. This led a number of members to wish the run was on the East Coast (perhaps not). Anyway, it was a smaller crowd than normal that gathered near the stadium for the now expected late start.

Hooray, as usual, led us out of the car park, around the back of the indoor stadium, to a T-check. Or was it? With Tiger Lily sweeping, I am not sure how a trail mark was mistaken for a T, but never mind. Out onto Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 for a circle check, which took forever to solve before a bit of help from the hare had us on our way. Another circle on the corner of Bukit Batok West Avenue 7 again took a while before we headed off down that road to the forest across Bukit Batok Road. Here some clever little checks had people heading in all directions before we finally cut in from Brickland Road and ran across to the canal. The canal brought us back to Bukit Batok Road, where we crossed and headed back on Bukit Batok West Avenue 2. Back to the lake by streets 51, 52, 77, 465, and a few others.

A nice combination of road and forest, front runners back in just over an hour.

The Circle: The GM has a little trouble assembling noisy late comers and committee members. Usual suspect Wet ‘n Wild calls out “well people haven’t paid their subs, we are just talking about who”. “Oh, says the GM, guess I better pay mine then”.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Good run, well done Tiger Lily setting it by yourself!

Tell us about your On On: There is limited enthusiasm for on site pizza, so Tiger Lily suggests al a carte at the local coffee shop.

Next week’s run: Posh Duck limps in to report that next week will be at Blackmore Drive with on on at the Red Lantern. Loose Change will help out.

Visitors: Welcome Knobby Boy Scout, Bagless Too, and Goes Down Easy.

Virgins: Welcome Jia and Daryn. One of them was a real virigin, Jia was a “Harriets virgin”, whatever that means.

Tits: Maggot is back. The tits have had a long tour of north and south Asia. Maggot reports that it is nice to be back with the Harriets, when he calls for a woman, 4 rushed to his aid: Wet Brazilian, Forced Entry, Goes Down Easy, and Twin Towers. Which one should get the tits? Well none of them. Because at the next check, when he called for a woman, there was Loose Change, refusing to look him in the eye. Loose Change gets the tits.

Dick: missing, thought to be with Lethal Weapon.

Lipstick: Hooray, as usual, with Knobby Boy Scout, Daryn, and Bagless Too.


· Sneaky Comer has Wet ‘n Wild in for talking and not running, which caused Bagless Too to run past her to find he was in the lead.

· Wet Brazilian is used to blind FRB’s, particularly Tiger Lily. But tonight, Tiger Lily was sweeping, so all should be clear at the front. But it wasn’t, Goes Down Easy is nominated as Tiger Lily 2 for being blind to checks as well.

· Tiger Lily was rather worried at the start of the run….there weren’t many people. So why are there so many at the circle? On in the slackers who just came to get a drink at the end of the run: Boo, Quickie, Stiffy, Not Tonight, and Posh Duck.

· Knobby Boy Scout informs us that the Singapore Civil Service had a running race this week. Who went in it? Not Tonight and Tiger Lily. Who came first? Tiger Lily.

· Sneaky Comer was a little nervous about coming on a Tiger Lily run. Last year’s was 38km. This year, running near what he thought was home, he encountered Too Easy coming the other way at 6:55pm. “Oh, you’ve still got a long way to go” reported Too Easy. He’s to the mean one for rubbing it in.

· Stiffy wants to know how to say something in Japanese. I am sure it can’t have been “f&ck off” or shut up, but I didn’t hear correctly. Why do you want to know how to say that, asks Tiger Lily. Because I am teaching your daughter on Friday. Tiger Lily gets a drink.

· Not Tonight has all the Americans in for a tribute drink to Neil Armstrong, who passed away this week – Knobby Boy Scout, Herr Zipp, Goes Down Easy and Virginia Slim.

· There was more Armstrong news this week, with Lance Armstrong calling it quits on his defence of doping charges. Herr Zipp gives all the bike hashers a drink for performance enhancing: Too Easy, Stiffy, and Knobby Boy Scout.

· Stiffy went to KL last weekend and had intended to pay a visit to Twin Towers to cheer her up. But where was Twin Towers? On her way back to Singapore. So TT gets a drink for spoiling Stiffy’s weekend.

· Loose Change points out that it is nice to “see a brown girl in the ring”. Twin Towers gets a drink to “she’s alright…”.

· Wet Brazilian was a bit annoyed with Knobby Boy Scout. Everyone can see he has much longer legs than her, so it was a bit tough for him to say “I am holding back just to stay behind you” on the run.

· Twin Towers was also annoyed with Knobby Boy Scout….her hadn’t seen her for ages, but did he say hello tonight? No, just when he was showering, he said “you haven’t seen a white ass for ages, so here is one”. Give the rude boy a note.

· Announcement from Herr Zipp – this month is blue moon month, so please come along to Lion City Hash on Friday and Dog Hash on Saturday.

And with that, and it’s on on to the un-named coffee shop across the road.

Scribed by Sneaky Comer

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