Run Report #2047 5/9/2012

The “Loose Change Rescue” Run

Hares: Loose Change & Posh Duck

Where: Blackmore Drive

On On: the famous Red Lantern

The Run:

Quite a big crowd in the end with a notable returnee – welcome back Cock Radio and did you bring a pencil? Posh Duck was limping around and Loose Change was looking tired, so we were quickly informed there would be no sweeping – this would come back to bit a bit later.

We headed off down the new road beside the old cemetery, Tiger Lily back in charge. The slower and more wily of us hung around at the corner expecting a T-check to send us back onto the old railway easement – and so it was, Stiffy, Maggot, Cock Radio and I hung around at the on trail trying to look innocent, only to be threatened with lipstick by the GM – “but we were just checking”.

On into the forested area with a bit of an unusual loop around that brought us back down onto the old railway. Along the old railway we went, before a T check AFTER the deep mud in the tunnel has the front runners coming back cursing about the shape of their shoes.

At this point it all went pear shaped. Front runners thought they found paper along Clementi Road, but it may just have been rubbish. There was a lot of backwards and forwards until many of us gave up and ran back home via Clementi Road. Others found a path back along the canal. Maggot, persistence personified, went back to the bridge, found trail, and ran in about 7:15pm. Well done, and well done hares. No thanks to Monday hash for leaving screeds of paper all over the place.

The Circle: The GM gives a hash hush to Loose Change and calls the circle to order.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? “The Out trail was good” and “liked it so much I ran it twice” were a few of the comments, but overall a good run, always nice to be back in Blackmore, thanks hares.

Tell us about your On On: the famous Red Lantern.

Next week’s run: Forced Entry’s run, she enters the circle and tells us to read our newsletters! Apparently she hasn’t consulted with her consultant yet. Subsequent to the run, we find that the run will be at the new Lorong Halus Wetland visitor centre (yes, East side). Since most of you will be heading east on the TPE, take the exit for Lorong Halus and follow the signs. On on will most likely be on site, so bring a chair if you have one.

Visitors: The GM has to clean her glasses to read the visitor’s list. “I’m not a visitor, am I?” she asks, on reading the list. No GM, but thanks for paying your subs! Welcome In & Out, Boxer, Phoney Dick, Bagless Too (nice Bagless), Vatic*nt (either he or the On Sec censored his name to Vatican for the circle), Easy Rider, Half Cut (welcome back), Goes Down Easy, F&ckin’ Easy, Lars, Dora, and Two Ass.

Virgins: nope.

Lipstick: Maggot dobs himself in as the only person, let alone male, that completed the actual trail. Stiffy, Hooray, Comes Quietly, one of the visitors, and Knobby Boy Scout are lipsticked thoroughly.

Tits: Loose Change is looking perky in the tits. She has a few candidates. Posh Duck had been “buttering her up” in the circle because he knew she would charge him for ditching her in the jungle. Maggot was also a candidate, not for doing the whole run but for constantly talking about it. But the tits go to Kannot Kan (welcome back), because he remarked that he had missed the tits while he was away.

Dick: speaking of missing, does anyone know where the Dick is? The last record is run # 2039 when Herr Zipp got it. It was not given away in 2040 or 2041, and we don’t have a run report for Run # 2042 which was Kan the Kobra’s birthday run. If anyone knows what happened, please dob the current holder in. Thanks.

Returnees: welcome back Half Cut and Cock Radio.


· One of our visitors is unimpressed by Harriets calling. Why? Because the front runners held the check and he was forced to get his shoes muddy fruitlessly running to the check through the tunnel. On in Boxer as a look-a-like for Tiger Lily and Singaporn for Posh Nash.

· Sneaky Comer had also heard someone complaining about muddy shoes, and asking if Posh Nash was setting up a shoe washing service. The irony is that Forced Entry’s partner, Virginia Slim, is not normally happy unless we are up to our tits in mud. Forced Entry gets a drink for irony.

· Vatic&nt points out that his shoes are dirty, as are the GM’s, so they obviously went through the tunnel. So on in Goes Down Easy and F&ckin’ Easy, both of whom have very clean shoes…did they do the run? They claim, laimly, that they did do the tunnel, but on tippy toes.

· Suzee Wong has Maggot and Vatic&nt in for not checking, or not being allowed to check.

· Pubic Zipp is offended that Vatic&nt is not wearing a Harriets shirt. She tries to sell him one for $10.

· Wet Brazilian has Twin Towers and Cock Radio in the circle. She was running near them in the “jungly bit” and thought there was just a bit too much pillow talk – “soft prick, hard prick, soft prick”. Too much discussion about pricks, thank you.

· Too Easy followed up by pointing out that Twin Towers had jumped over a log and landed on Cock Radio’s open mouth.

· Not Tonight points out that Pubic Zipp is here alone tonight, Herr Zipp is at home with his feet up. So Pubic Zipp took advantage, after an early fall she returned to the beer wagon and put her feet up! Icing her leg, she says.

· Twin Towers sheds more light on the situation. Apparently Herr Zipp was laid up in hospital. Pubic Zipp was very dedicated going to see him every day, or so it seemed, until she confessed to Twin Towers that the sandwiches at the hospital were very nice.

· Jackoff invites Wet Brazilian in for a compliment. She has been doing this job of GM for 18 months now but every week she makes the job seem like new. “I forgot to invite the returnees in”.

· Sybil was chatting to Twin Towers and Wet ‘n Wild, and asking them for their health secrets. They told Sybil she needed to work on her tummy, ass, and boobs, apparently.

· Sneaky Comer points out that Twin Towers and Wet ‘n Wild have been using performance enhancing underwear. Missing a few key items on Friday, Wet ‘n Wild was fortunate that Twin Towers keeps a lingerie store in the back of the car. Nice boob enhancing bras and knickers that are so sexy they are almost invisible. Give the wardrobe girls a note.

· Wet Brazilian reminds Kannot Kan that he is not allowed to take photos. Taking a few at the beginning of the run and being reprimanded, he said “I forgot”. This reminds the GM that the hash now has a hash camera and you might be asked to be hash flash one week, for the “official” record.

· Stiffy had had his bottle on his head for half an hour, being deliberately ignored by Wet Brazilian. He is in a huff but decides to do the charge anyway, which is on Wet Brazilian. Stiffy wants some credit for helping make the GM a “new woman”. Stiffy gets the drink.

· Suzee Wong announces the Lion City D&D, 17th November (associated with 30th anniversary), $140. Theme is Pearl of the Orient.

· Kannot Kan announces the Sunday Hash Red Dress Run, Saturday 13th October.

· Wet Brazilian announces the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Run, which will be on the 3rd of October, with a city run. Donations are welcome and decorated bras will be available following a sewing circle last weekend.

And with that, and it’s on on to the Red Lantern.

Scribed by Sneaky Comer

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