Run Report #2052 10/10/2012

The ‘Almost Hareless” Run.

Hares: Wet Brazilian, Wet ‘n Wild, and Hooray.

Where: Vigilante Drive, Car Park B.

On On: 99 South Buona Vista Kitchen.

The Run:

Down the hill the wrong way to a circle check, then across the road and down to the back of Normanton Park. Along behind there then up to Winchester Park and that horrible big hill, but only after confusing everyone with a circle check.

Then down to Alexandra Road, across the AYE, and along the old railway line to a circle check at the Masjid. This check took forever to solve, so we had a nice rest waiting. On along the canal, where we had seen a big snake while laying the run. On under the railway bridge to Portsdown Road, and then back over the overpass to Science Park.

We got Boo confused so I guess that makes it a good run.

The Circle:

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? “Too many snakes, too long”. Good Run!

Tell us about your On On: 99 South Buona Vista Kitchen, $12, Chinese food. Two tables turned up for the on-on.

Next week’s run: There was a little confusion here, with multiple hares stepping forward. After a short punch up in the circle, Big Head and Too Easy announced the run as at the worker’s canteen, on Bukit Batok Road.

Visitors / Returnees: Totally Unacceptable, Buttwiper, King Leer, Dragon Breath, Sharon Batu, Bagless Too, Boxer.

New Member: Nope

Virgins: Nope

Lippy: F%&kin Easy and Buttwiper. They are also admonished for getting lipstick on the cups.

Last Week: The GM thanked everyone for their support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Run last week.

Wedding: Two Jugs was called in to receive a confetti shower for her wedding last week: “here comes the bride”.

Tits: away with Red Snapper.

Dick: Missing Dick (still). Please have a look for it. Not Tonight brought in a replacement Dick award. Not Tonight couldn’t run tonight because she had no shoes. She wants Comes Quietly and Stiffy in the circle. Comes Quietly is being led astray by Stiffy and talking during the circle. Comes Quietly wants to know he can be talking all the time if in conversation with Stiffy? One of them got he new dick, can’t remember who.

Awards –

650 run – Zipp

400 runs – Jackoff

300 runs – Slocum

300 runs – Comes Quietly. The GM runs away with his shirt to admire his chest.


· Wet Pet calls in Stiffy and Not Tonight for bringing sex toys – this week and last week. She wants to know if they need a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

· The GM charges Hooray – as he arrived to set the run, he just dropped his trousers. Comes Quietly pointed out that he is 95 years old and probably needed a hand.

· Stiffy has a follow up to the sex toys charge – he was out shopping. He didn’t buy any sex toys, but he did buy a bra for Tiger Lily which she can have if she puts it on. Tiger Lily protests that it is too small.

· Slocum points out that Stiffy and Not Tonight are retired. They should have time to organize putting shoes in the car. Give them a down down for being disorganized.

· Hooray to Dragon Breath and Loose Change – said “follow us, we know the way” before promptly getting lost.

· Dragon Breath calls Buttwiper in the circle. Apparently they are not allowed to join the Harriets because Buttwiper “likes to win” and run in front. Yet for this weekend he has been shopping for women’s clothes – surely that is enough reason to join the Harriets? (Red Dress run this Saturday).

· The GM was chatting to Bagless Too who confessed to a groin strain – sorry that is too much information for a casual chat.

· Stiffy calls in Boxer for coming in from the run in a taxi.

· Wet Brazilian was sitting quietly when a huge burb was let out – on in Singaporn for “French etiquette”.

· Dragon Breath wants Loose Change in the circle. Before she is allowed to continue, the GM tells her she is not allowed to scream on the hash. She was very happy to have a nice gas bag on the run, looking at Black & Whites, horticulture, nice pools etc. Also managed to lose Hooray on the run so that was a good thing.

Scribed by Wet ‘n Wild

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