Run Report #2051 3/10/2012

The ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ Run.

Hares: Wet Brazilian, Lost Marbles and the Committee.

Where: Fort Canning Park, car park C.

On On: On site Boxer’s chicken, salmon, salad and a pair of sweets.

The Run:

The way males and females were dressed, obviously there were a lot of people with something to get off their chests. It was a concern that some of the males actually enjoyed wearing a bra; Virginia Slim was even out posing the girls in photos. Stiffy was resplendent in a T Shirt that displayed a bikini top complete with tan lines on the front, and a G String on the back. I did not look close enough to see if there were tan lines on the rear as well. Lots of frilly and lacey bras on display, did some of the girls actually get these straight out of their top drawer??

Out of the Park we ran, along Hill Street and past City Hall and the Padang to reach The Durian for the long/short split. The walkers headed back along the River to Clarke Quay, flaunting their boobies and collecting money on the way.

The runners headed off on a very long right hand loop circuit around Marina Bay, past Marina Bay Sands and back to Boat Quay. The front runners were shouting out to the customers in the bars and restaurants along the way ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Week, give generously.’ This allowed those runners coming behind with the money pouches to collect generously. However, as fatigue set in, the call from the front runners was reduced to ‘Breast Awareness Week, lend a hand.’ This appeared to get an even better response.

Long runners met up with the walkers at Clarke Quay for the final stretch back to the park and a well deserved drink.

And what a great drink stop at the end – ice cold vodka and cranberry. Have a nip or 2 of that. Beware the shooting stars.

Well done everyone, and thanks for the mammaries.

The Circle: The GM is back, puffs out her chest and gives the orders.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Breast run of the week, no doubt. Plenty of support.

Tell us about your On On: Just over there for Boxer’s chicken breast and titillating salmon.

Next week’s run: This was a Hareless run, until Hooray stepped in at the last moment. [It was to be] Balmoral Rd. Thanks Hooray for saving the day. [However, the recce wrote off Sloan Court, they don’t want the hash any more. One of thousands of establishments that have banned the hash. Last run there was by Kampong, that’s all I’m saying. Now likely to be Vigilante Drive, keep an eye on web site and email].

At this stage, the GM made a booby and forgot what comes next. She pulls out her list, puts the spectacles on and exclaims ‘Oh my God, there are a lot of visitors.’

Visitors / Returnees: Can’t find the list, but there were a heap. From memory, Phony Dick, 8 Miles Wide, the American lads from Sembawang, Trash, Red Schnapper, Half Cut, Malfunktion, Knobby Boy Scout, 8.24, Sylvie the ex virgin and others.

New Member: Heaps of new and returning members tonight – welcome Goes Down Easy & Fu$%kin’ Easy, Half Cut, and welcome back Sticky Ring!

Virgins: Sylvie

Tits: Kan Not Kan calls in Hooray for having the audacity to be a Hare next week after his last effort where we ran 12 kms out to a T Check and 12kms back again.

Red Schnapper – described as a sawn off little battleship – is also given a KNK serve for comparing a hit in the tits to a kick in the balls.

Dick: Missing Dick (still). Please have a look for it.

Lippy: 8.24, Knobby Boy Scout and the American lads all received their punishment for getting abreast of the girls.

Awards – A new award – ‘The Pink Runner.’- for exceptional hands on contribution and breast awareness went to Stiffy.

*900 runs – Hooray. (Sorry, I missed it last week)

550 runs – Dances With Kerbs.

350 runs – Virginia Slim, ‘Off off off.’ And he dropped his pants.

300 runs – Too Easy

200 runs – Wet ‘n Wild

100 runs – Wet Brazilian

Anyone else from the Committee who did not get an award, step forward now.


· Wet Pet explained about the sign in the car park that says ‘Pay and Display.’ This refers to car parking coupons to be placed visible on the dash. However, Singaporn, caught up in the theme of the night, became confused and was seen displaying her boobs while changing between 2 cars.

· Twin Towers thought Knobby Boy Scout did a great job collecting money, but one line he used was not particularly successful. On approaching a young female, he asked ‘Maam, would you like to buy this pink ribbon for your breast?’ ‘F*#k off was the reply.

· Hooray charged your humble scribe for forgetting to mention his 900 runs last week. (My Mac notebook does not work up to such large numbers- scribe)

· Wet Brazilian and co hare Lost Marbles set off to do a recee, armed with their iPhone, only to get to City Hall and find that it was the F1 weekend and half their route was blocked. They then called in all the runners who went to the F1 and blamed them for their own stupidity.

· Loose Change was on the way to the F1 and saw the 2 Hares sitting on the steps of Parliament House all dolled up in pink with their iPhone out. Here’s to the 2 tart Hares.

· Stiffy apparently got a pair of inedible boob cakes from Loose Change, and proves it by bouncing one on the ground. He then gives the pair of bouncy boobs to Singaporn, who put them inside her bra, while Stiffy told how good Singaporn was at using her assets to extract money from men in bars along the way.

· Mother’s Tongue get in all the hash petrol heads who went to the F1 for flying the Hash flag.

· Virginia Slim notice – Seletar Ball coming up (see separate email sent out or see Slim for discounted Harriets Table seat).

· Wet Brazilian asked if this was a tough run, as a male was seen taking a performance enhancing substance in secret before the run. Knobby Boy Scout, have him tested.

· Half Cut also is guilty of the same crime – she was seen having a glass of wine before the run.

· A couple of real life sad stories about breast cancer from KNK and Mother’s Tongue. The message is to look after ourselves.

· Virginia Slim passes on condolences to Kan The Kobra for losing her partner to alcoholism.

Scribed by Cock Radio

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