Run Report #2050 26/9/2012

The ‘Environmental Sensible’ Run.

Hare: Father Anus

Where: Lower Pierce Reservoir Car Park

On On: Coffee Shop, 135 Casuarina Road, next to Shibly Muslim Food

The Run:

Hmmm, Lower Pierce Car Park. If you read immediately above this sentence you will see the bright red warning that has been in the newsletter for the last few months. And the last hares that planned to run from here (Too Easy and FCB) were warned off in no uncertain terms and went to the cemetery in East Malaysia instead. So the speculation in Maggot’s car as we headed for the run was:

1. Would we make the run at all? Leaving the city at 5:30 might make it a close call, and

2. Oh well, never mind, we can just pick up paper and sweep and hope the Park Rangers are not too pissed off.

All this interrupted by the on sec calling to find out which country the run was in.

We arrived late to a pleasant surprise, the run heading off down Old Upper Thomson Road to an unbroken circle check on the corner of AMK Avenue 1. Fortunately, we could see Boo ambling across the road in the distance so up AMK Avenue 1 we went. Up the hill to the houses behing Jln Lanjut. Then a bit of a jog through the streets to Yio Chu Kang Road and across into Teacher’s estate.

We then did that nice long bit of grass behind Munshi Abdullah Walk before heading down to the bandstand behind Tagore Drive, then back through the canal to Tagore Drive, over Upper Thomson, and back up to Casuarina Corner. We finally hit the entrance to the National Park with a marking “On Home on boardwalk, no more markings”. A clever way to have a nice run home without pissing anyone in authority off.

Nice run hare, well done!

The Circle: The stand in GM Wet ‘n Wild calls a raucous circle to order.

Crikey, so what did we think of that for a run? Very good run, very safe, no need for any National Park officers to get upset.

Tell us about your On On: Chinese Restaurant on Casuarina Road, near the Muslim Food stall. Free beer.

Next week’s run: Lost Marbles and Wet N Wild forgot that they are setting the run next week, give them a bimbo drink. Fort Canning, Car Park C, Breast Cancer Awareness Run. Bring money for donations!

Visitors / Returnees: Shane, Deep Throat (the male version), Phoney Dick,

Mark, Vatic#*t, Jig, Bagless 2, Wayne, Kara, Knobby Boy Scout, Boxer and a returnee, Wet Patch.

Returnees are called, so Wet Patch gets another drink. He’s only been in OZ 2 months but is already like a boomerang – keeps coming back. Come and Gone in for a drink too, guess that is a Went and Back charge.

New Member: Nay

Virgins: Sylvie.

Tits: Stiffy pushes in Loose Change (or was it Give Way?) who was not listening at all and had no idea why she was in the Circle. Stiffy copped a thick ear when she realized she had conned her to go in as substitute for the missing Tits (with Kannot Kan).

Dick: The Dick is still missing – the word is that Lethal Weapon has it in the back of Father Anus’ car. Seriously, if you know where it is please let us know. We lost track of it at run # 2042, Kan the Kobra’s birthday run at Punggol. The run report also went missing, probably got accidentally deleted since it was thumbed on f^&kin’ iPhone.

Father Anus layed the run on his own. Usually he has a lovely female to lay with him and keep him satisfied. So tonight he was so desperate for female attention he gave Loose Change a cuddle and a bit of a fondle.

At this stage, a passing local out on his evening run decided to stop and join in the Circle, so he was promptly given a down down and sent on his way. Cheeky bugger.


· 700 runs – Stiffy. Slipping into his award shirt resulted in a round of ‘Who ate all the lettuce.?’

· 300 runs (plus a few more by now). Cock Radio. Yay, that’s me!

· 250 runs – Sneaky Comer. “Who Ate all the Pies?”

Lippy: None. Surely Hooray was in front at some point?


· Loose Change calls in the hungry Virgin and gets a rendition of ‘It’s a blonde world,’ for saying ‘hungry’ instead of Hungarian. Apparently Phony Dick got her phone number. (Perhaps to give her a call when he is feeling a bit hungry??)

· Maggot gave Wet N Wild a serve for not finding the run site, despite the fact that it is her husband who goes to a lot of trouble to pin it on Google Maps [ed, excuse me, that would be BING maps] every week. It seems she decided to hang out at the car park for the on on in preference to the run site car park.

· Sneaky Comer had a concerned Associate Member contacting him during the week, worried that the Hare was taking us into National Parks without a permit. On in Cock Radio for doubting Father Anus. Sneaky then confesses that he had resigned himself to sweeping the run and picking up all the paper before the Rangers saw it. Give the 2 doubters a drink.

· Wet Patch tells us about Shoe Shopper’s pussy. A member was paid to look after Shopper’s pussy, but could not entice the pussy to go to the pool. It seems that her pussy does not like to get a wet patch. In fact, the pussy would not leave the house. This pussy was not going to be a wet pet. On in Wet Pet for trying to make Shopper’s pussy get out more.

· Stiffy is wondering why an Associate Member is still scribing. We have a female who takes down notes while you are having a conversation with her. Goes Down Easy come in, surely you need another job to do despite raising 4 kids. Multitasker gets a drink.

· Not Tonight has Wet Patch in about Shoe Shopper’ s pussy having too much of an appetite to leave the house, but Wet Pet always takes her pussy to the pool.

· Boo reveals 2 talkers behind the Circle – Kamala chatting up a a young visiting lad.

· Too Easy reckons Wet Pet is after Goes Down Easy’s name – Wet Pet went down very easy immediately after leaving the car park.

· Sneaky Comer reminds us that in the old days, he was a front runner but now we are all a bit older and it’s lucky we have Boo to show late comers the way home.

· Knobby Boy Scout was showering and was having trouble opening the soap packet. Loose Change came to the rescue, but admitted it was a long time since she opened a condom packet. Knobby Boy Scout’s mind boggled when she opened the packet with her teeth.

· Father Anus had no intention of taking us into the National Park, apart from the last km on the boardwalk with no markings. It was 7 years ago (when he was hare) that he was on the boardwalk when he was told by a law enforcer to “erase the markings or I will arrest you.”

· Kamala enters the Circle to groans of ‘Sybil, we’re hungry,’ led by Wet Patch. Sneaky Comer, famished, collapses to the ground. Why did Father Anus have no co hare she asked? (actually he has no hair at all.) After much explaining and raving from Kamala, which was beyond the ability of this scribe to record, the answer was Father Anus is the big boss.

· Announcements:

· Breast Cancer Awareness Run next week.

· Posh Duck sale on this week. See the run announcement email from this week.

· Red Dress Run Oct 13. See Sunday hash web site.

Scribed by Cock Radio

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