Veggiehash Run 56–September 5th 2010

Always ten bucks – now everyone can hash the illegal hash!

Run 56 is by Itchy Bayee in Bkt Laggong

September 5th, 2010

  • Run 56 is by Itchy Bayee
  • Sept 5, 2010 Sunday 5.30pm
  • Bukit Laggong, Selayang
    (Google Map from Dataran Merdeka)
    GPS Lat: N 03° 15′ 23” Lon: E 101° 38′ 35”
  • Damage RM10.00 includes dinner
  • Beers RM10.00 for 3 cans of Carlsberg or BYO for free

Veggiehash has no members – every Veggiehash run is a loose gathering of like-minded hashers from diverse chapters across Malaysia. Veggiehash is run by four of the six original founders and everyone pays only RM10.00 for the run which includes dinner. All are welcome. Dogs and children (provided they are accompanied by adult hashers) are okay depending on the run location. If in doubt, please check with Tarzan on 012 222 2209.

As usual, please bring a change of clothes, bathing water if you want to bathe and chairs or stools if you don’t want to stand. If it’s the rainy season, don’t forget your hash raincoat or umbrella. Feel free to pass on this info to anyone who may be interested in hashing. If you’re a new hasher or are unfit, understand what a hash run entails before attempting the run on your own. Always sign out (and sign in when you return) so we’ll know if anyone’s lost.

SOS Tarzan on 012 222 2209. Make hashing your religion. On on!

View Hash Directions to Laggong in a larger map

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