Please Register – Seletar 30th Anniversary – This Weekend!

Hello Friends, committee members of Singapore hashes

Can you please help me to send out one more last minute email and/or SMS to your respective non Seletar hashes that last minute signups for Seletar’s 30 year anniversary are welcome and will be at the same rate as early signups !! $100 for a whole weekend of makan/drinks.  If you aren’t a committee member, pls help to get this note to your respective hon-secs.  has all the info you need.

If u need more info …email

If u cant do online registration , can also email Microdick

MicroD (SHHH)

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One Response to Please Register – Seletar 30th Anniversary – This Weekend!

  1. Sneaky Comer says:

    Congratulations to Seletar on reaching 30. Note that Harriets will reach 2,000 runs in October 2011! We had our 35th anniversary in October 2008.

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